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Thrust, Genesis*Project & Madonna Cracking Group Party Report

Well, here comes a report from the Copy-Party that was mainly organized (?) by Thrust. It happened in a town in Germany, that one calls Nuernberg. I arrived at the train station, then entered the underground and finally I had to drive by bus. I jumped off at a certain station, that was mentioned in the invitation, but where was party ?? I had to walk another 500m and re- cognized another bus station in front of the party place. Well done, THRUST! I was late, so most of the people were already there. There was some neat stuff and, for example, people from World of Wonders, Sunriders and Mega- force on Amiga. Some demos were spread and so, the party was lame,but not the No.1 lame party ever happened.

It started on 22.10.88 on 9.00 AM and should end on 12.00 PM. I arrived on 1.00 PM. At about 5-6 PM, one guy did a fine joke. He shouted that the cops were coming and so, half of the people decided to flee with there computers.

Everybody who stayed knew it : This party was such a lame party, even the cops didn't come.

I was informed that THRUST wanted to organize a Demo-Competition, a Crack- Competition and show VIDEO films. But this all didn't come true. The guys sat in somewhat corner and tested a lot of music track. Nice music, well, but they did it at a high volume. The music was cool, but THRUST exaggerated a bit much. TNT of Genisis * Project drawed a poster from the party,but as he did it before the party took place the people on the poster weren't on party and the other way round. Again I was informed that it was planned to let him draw the poster on the party. He did a nice and intelligent job. For example the poster included a drawing from Finnish Gold and Byterapers. Did he really expect these guys to come?? At 8.00 PM there were just some few guys left and as I left at about 9.00 PM, I dunno if there was anybody left at 12 PM. I don't think so.


Written by: Mystyx of Axenon
Source: Scandinavian News 5
Released on: 09.11.1988
Edited by: Grendel of Byterapers Inc.
Source: Byterapers Inc.'s homepage

Groups Stories Photos Interviews Articles Parties

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