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Razor 1911, Abnormal, The Cartel Copy-Party in Stixrdal/Norway

The party was originally held 7-9th October. But some people (TTT, Academy, The Quackers and The Gang) arrived already at the evening of 5th October. But most people arrived at Thursday (6th) evening and in the morning of Friday (7th). All in all we were about 140 persons at the copy-place. Not bad,if you think of how far north Stjx- rdal is (Middle of Norway by a city called Trondheim).

At Friday we had a couple of break- downs for the power-supply but we manag ed to fix the whole shit later on. There was a demo competition on both C64 and Amiga. Rawhead took the 1st price on C64 with a mind-blasting demo. On the Amiga The Arcadia Team won with their cool demo-disk. On the Amiga there were 8 participating demos and on the C64 there were 11.

There weren't really much 'burning hot' stuff on the party but some few -> new games and a lot of new demos of course. At Saturday the police arrived and asked if we did some illegal copy- ing and of course no-one were copying one single game.The cops said that they would come back later the same evening and if they saw some illegal copied stuff then they would confiscate the disk-owners computer equipment. They also told us that they had insiders on the party. (Who? Where?) but I think that they told us this only to scare us a bit. Some guys ( 10 - 15 ) left immediately after the cop had arrived. In the evening one (!) police constable arrived but he didn't even think of confiscating any computers. He was just briefing on some pictures and looked at our nice demos.He also admitted that he had copied some stuff himself when he had a C64. So all in all we can say that this guy was a quite nice guy.

There were almost no people coming from outside Norway and Sweden (As a matter of fact I can't remember one single one) but that didn't make the party boring. Some of the people on the party were The Gang, Route 66, TSF,TNT, The Link, The Arcadia Team, Sphinx, Rawhead, SCT, Network, Academy, Crypto- burners, Force10, Raw Deal, Shape (ex. ZCF ), The Techincal Trio, Equinoxe and lots of other guys. There were a lot of people from the press at the party so if you wanna read about the party then look out for Aftenposten (A-Magasinet), Dator (Norway and maybe Sweden) and the new Norwegian mag called 'Norsk data tidene' ( Or something like that). Now and then we were showing videofilms, mostly hard violence like Evil Dead II and Friday the 13th part 155. I think we can say that the party was a success even if only 2/3 of the people who said they would come did so.

Written by: Sector 9 of Razor 1911
Source: Scandinavian News 5
Released on: 09.11.1988
Edited by: Grendel of Byterapers Inc.
Source: Byterapers Inc.'s homepage

Groups Stories Photos Interviews Articles Parties

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