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A legend comes true - Grendel in party!

For a long time I've had a strange feeling while travelling in copyparties that there's an unknown force, which affects something surely goes baaaaadly wrong in that trip. This was to be proved in the Alvesta (Lamesta-meeting) because again something went really wrong. But let's have the history to prove the existence of that "POWER":

The Finnish Gold & The Jezebels Union party 1987

The first time I went to party was at the New Year '88, at Finnish Gold's party at Jyvaskyla. The crew who went there from Iisalmi / surroundings was Grendel (I), Mr. Arcade (now Sardon,the true junior of the group), Prof. Fate, Kasper, TWS and Lanttu (our very famous mascot). Kasper went there by train, others drove the in Prof. Fate's Lada ( LadaLadaLada.... ). The distance was about 300 kilometers. Do you know what happened? NO? WE GOT LOST! WE DROVE 100 KM TO WRONG DIRECTION!

Yes... We forgot to turn after city (village?) Kuopio, as we visited a gas station and had really fun afterwards when remembered the looks of the staff of gas station when they saw me. I had a true hippie-costum on me, long coat, my 'party-hat'(djupfryst)(yes, the same has I used at Alvesta & all other parties I've been at ) and lots of things all over me . I also carried a Byterapers - flag, and cheered with it while visitors/staff looked at me...... Well, remembering it was so fun we totally forgot we should turn and drove happily laughing past it. After 40 km someone started to wonder are we on the right road.. Others started then claim we're lost but I didn't first believe it. Finally also I believed it and we had decide what to do then. We went to Varkaus and tryed to find right road to Jyvaskyla, which wasn't the easiest task to do. Finally we got to the party but again we were about to get lost twice. I came back by train with Lanttu and others by the 'car'. So I unfort. lost the pleasure of broken car. Not in fact broken, its excaust pipe just got crashed and the ' car ' made some werry terrible noises in the way back home (300km).

The Silents & Stage 3 copy-party in Alvesta 1988

Second time I went to a party was, if I can remember it right was Silents/ Stage 3 party in Alvesta, spring '88. In other ways the trip was ok, but we nearly missed our boat back to Finland after the party. Boat was to leave at 8.30 (AM) and we woke up at 8.00 (AM ). We were in the wrong side of Stockholm, computers inside the houses plugged, disks around and everyone quite sleepy. We got again lost twice, first time was easy, but in the 2nd time we had to drive that very wrong road for 2 km before we got a chance to make a u-turn and get back to the ship. Worsest of all was that we already were just in a few hundred meters from the ship, we saw it and then we could't turn where we wanted to. ARGH! Somehow, we made it , we were the last passangers to enter the ship. The ports were closed just after we drove to tull. It was near....

Digitize Design Group's Digiparty'88

3rd time I went to copyparty there was no bad mistakes etc. It was Digitize Design Group's Digiparty'88. Just Growl was about to wreck my mother's car I got lended. Kasper and Prof. Fate couldn't afford to come with us to the Digiparty made by DDG, so after long talks my mom lended her car to them. I and Growl visited the near village and then in the way back to party he drove TOO FAST in a road worth of only horses. He nearly drove off the road. Afterwards my brother checked the car and said he did find some scratches from the car which weren't there before and told he is sure Kasper/Prof. Fate made them in that trip. No, it was just Growl who nearly destroyed the whole car.

Byterapers Inc. Copy-Party 1988

4th party I was at wasn't bad at all, there was no accidents ( for me ) as I didn't need to drive anywhere. It was our very own copyparty, BYTERAPERS INC. COPYPARTY in August 88. It was fun.....

The Silents & Horizon Copy-Party in Alvesta 1989

And now: 5th party I'm at. TSL's (The Silent Lamers (haha)) and Horizons party again in Alvesta (Lamesta). Shortly the next happened:

  • We nearly died once when The Wicked / Bloodsuckers, who drove the car tried to drive under a biig truck.

  • He nearly lost the control of the car several times, and was about to leave the road (he seemed to think woods were much nicer place to drive car).

  • He turned many times to wrong roads, for example once in Jonkoping he tried to drive to Goteborg instead Helsinborg

  • ALCOHOL WAS NOT ALLOWED IN THE 'PARTY' This was very hard to all of us ( I , Wicked and Sky), but especially for me, because I had bought 18 cans of beer (Heineken/Karlsberg) to drink.

  • Our car broke down in the party when I and Wicked went out to buy hamburgers

  • Again the car broke down, now in the center of Stockholm at Sunday-evening, 16.35. One hour went before we got a contact to someone who could repair the car. We had to wait after that 40 min. for the towing-car, in very cold wind which freezed us. Finally it came, and the guys told us car can't be repaired that night. They got a taxi for us, and so we drove to the Viking - Line's main terminal to wait the ferry to Finland. And now we got the best news of that superior evening:

  • OUR SHIP HAD MADE A SHIPWRECK!!!!!!!! We all got a hysterical shock, laughed like crazys ( I think we were - car broken twice and ship on a rock.......) and the officer & other peoples in the terminal looking to us , propably wondering are we perhaps dangerous mads or what.

So we got a free night in a good hotel. Next day was spent in homes of some B yterapers - members located in Stockholm. Finally we got to the ship.

Written by: Grendel of Byterapers Inc.
Source: Scandinavian News 6
Released on: 12.1988
Source: Byterapers Inc.'s homepage

Groups Stories Photos Interviews Articles Parties

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