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Byterapers Grendelparty 1988

In our copyparty there were several guys with GGf's, Galactic Gunfighter -infraredguns, and of course we made huge battles around the partyplace and woods. Mainly we did it at night, when it was dark outside and it wasn't too easy to see other guys. Silent moving around the house, from tree to tree, hiding in bushes waiting for signs of other players - being ready to attack them without warning and leaving them and their sensors crying after direct hit(s).

But the wars became really cool when we went into woods. We had rule that after 2 hits you are DEAD. This made us very silent and careful. We sneaked around very silently, listening all the time for possible noises from enemy. You cannot imagine what it was like - you must do it yourself.

Later we made some fighting in city's parks and around our house. Some people looked after us wondering what this was about - big guys chasing and shooting each other nearly in downtown. Who cares, we had fun.

Beer contest on (B) party

One rainy day dudes did know what to do. They desided to arrange a beer contest. DDT of ACCESSION was challenged by SHOGUN of X-MEN. And of course I was there too to make a live article about the contest.

There's 15 bottles of beer on the floor and they should go into DDT in one hour. If he win, Shogun offers him 15 more and night in restauraunt. If he does not drink he's the one who offers.

First five beers are on their way. It took about 8 minutes to drink first five and then 10 minutes break. Now it is time for next five bottles.

25 minutes after he threw up. That's too bad coz' the rules says "NO BARFING" and that's it.

Written by: Evil of Finnish Gold
Source: Scandinavian News 2
Released on: 16.08.1988


Hello this is Daredevil typing in EVIL's fab mag!!!

Right now I'm having a break from the coding..............

This party has been great even though ZIP and I are the only foreigners here right now! There were to other guys from Norway here, but they left two days ago.....

Well I guess I'd better write something with sence here so then I'll start by sending some fuckings to the german lamers but I think that it's allright if I leave them alone because they are just so fuck- ing dummy to play with their computer. FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! Decent people like PROFILE of DEXION and others had to stop trading because of them! Thank god it hasn't come to that point in Norway yet! The cops are so LAME here! he he he!

I've also heard that the danish and swedish cops are quite energic about catching crackers, so here is a good tip to all big crackers and hackers who are in danger of being caught:


If you are a lamer, then fuck off, coz' Norway has got more than enough of them already!!!! OK! That was the commercial for today. If you are cop I hope you get your stick and put it in your ass along with your batch.Well anyway.............. if you really are a COP I think that best you can do is to get your self a good hiding place and go in there as fast as you can.Anyway LAMER or COP it's the same thing....

Written by: Daredevil
Source: Scandinavian News 2
Released on: 16.08.1988

Byterapers-party report

This is a report from Byterapers Inc. party, written by the arranger himself; Grendel.

The whole shit started in the New Year 1988, in FIG's party. I got a idea about our own party and started to plan it. So it took 8 months to ar- range it.

Party started in fact on Saturday, not Monday when I got a call that there's some foreignera in the party-place. We guided them to us and later more people started to arrive.

At Monday morning it then started really. We got ourselves to the party and did find that Hoffi from Deathstar and some other guys already were there. Blah... We got the tables and chairs we were missing and it went on ...

At Monday there arrived quite a lot or people. At the best minute there was maybe 70-80 persons... They were impossib- le to count but I at least tried when a reporter from a local newspaper asked how many persons were there...

The first afternoon it wasn't so too cool but it changed at night.. Uh what noise. The Janitor complained 3 times about noise (she lives up- stairs) and I tried to get people not so noisy but guess if they listened...

We also were alarmed about the cops... I and some other (B)-members were catched for buying alcohol from a shop and then carrying it to our car... Some people didn't like us drinking beer in a disco and they threated to call cops to party-place... It was forbidden to have any alcohol in the party and imagine what it looked like... Empty bottles around etc... If cops'd have arrived.... Well, after that we'd have been missing a place for the party.

In one point the party was not success... 98% of foreigners who were coming did not arrive... Just 4 Norwegians. 2 from Zip Cracking Factories (64) and 2 from Spectre Inc. Norway (Amiga). + 1 Yankee..

But in other means party was success. We (or most of us) had fun and a lot did happen.... Uncle-Evil got an idea to throw Jugi Perfect to lake and it also happened. Evil shouted his idea so loud that it was heard in hell... Hell-Angels came and threw Jugi to the lake, with cooperation from Accession..

Also there was a competition in Party Games, between: Bottleboy/RIP, Rockstar/ Byterapers Inc. and Monster. You should havce seen them, waggling the stick, shouting, and trying to rest their hands... Bottleboy got great score in 2nd event and was sure to win. Rockstar got 70 points more and Bottleboy climbed to ceiling.......

Yep. It was fun... There were people from: ZCF, III, Accession, Pure-Byte, (B), 777-team, Spectre, Team-X, Z-Circle, DDG, X-MEN, Stack

See you in our next party next summer in Stockholm.

Written by: Grendel of Byterapers Inc.
Source: Scandinavian News 2
Released on: 16.08.1988

As a Dog in a Copyparty

The 8th of August

Today I came here with my pet human. He followed me obediently in the other end of the leash, other end of which I had securely around my neck, so that he won't run away.

I ordered him to put his end of leash on this stove since it is a warm place with plenty of food and other pet humans around, which I can take for a walk.

Food is extremely good. It is a kind of dough pasty with minced meat in it. I love it.

The 9th of August

I've had good time. These pet humans are really well trained, though one has to play with them almost all the time. Also, there's this big pet human that speaks somewhat strangely. They call him Yankee. He has to be taken out more often than other pets.

I had another one of those good meat pastries today. Mmm.

The 10th of August

The big pet human needed more walks today. These other pet humans really adore me, though their breath sure smells strange, about the same as the strange liquid somebody had splashed on the floor. I drank it since he obviously gave it to me as a present, and it made me kind of dizzy.

The pet humans of my primary pet human came today. I guess they sensed my telepathic call to come pick me up since there are plenty of other duties I have. I can't party all the time. I also ate yet another one of those terrific meat pastries before I left.

This story is my experience from the Byterapers Inc. megastretched copypar- ty in August, 1988. It sure shows how easy-to-use this Text Editor is, eh?

Written by: Roope
Source: Scandinavian News 4
Released on: 03.10.1988
All reports downloaded from: Byterapers Inc.'s homepage

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