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Visiting FIG meeting in 1988

On 29.7 Finnish Gold's members gathered to southern Finland and began their meeting, the place was supplied by E.T.

The first persons to arrive il and Xyz-Soft. (and naturally Moku who lives near the place. I visited the gathering as an outsider on Friday evening to Saturday. At the meeting the first day they threatened to throw me out of the window (but they didn't coz they notices it was only the second floor.)

The friday was spent mostly watching Texas Chainsaw Massace part II and check- ing games and demos. Luckily There was no chainsaw in the house and an intruder was not slaughtered by any nasty evilings. At least on the first evening there was no actual chatting because so many persons were missing from FIG's southern side. (Actually Moku was the only FIG member from south!)

The guest visitor was not even kicked very badly,which would have been expected, but I'm sure that Evil will not like the little thick that accidentaly happened to the Empire disk that they were playing...

Written by: Reward of III
Source: Scandinavian News 2
Released on: 16.08.1988
Source: Byterapers Inc.'s homepage

Groups Stories Photos Interviews Articles Parties

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