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The Silents & Stage 3 copy-party in Alvesta 1988

Oh my. That was our first partytrip abroad and man, it was really something pretty cool. Whyzza? Everything went to perfectly you see. The trip was made by Grendel, Growl and MIY-88 of Byterapers and Gryzor & Axa of X-Men. We first travelled to Lahti, and from there on continued in MIY's huge ship-like yankee-mobile. The fun point was that all the travelling expenses were paid by Iisalmi City, as this was a "familiriazing and learning trip" to larger world's computer fairs. Of course, Byterapers was and is an official youth-organization around here.

And that large car... Was actually darn small for five. We were very cramped. And the stupid heater was on for all the time. Finally we manged to enter the party. It was pretty exotic, since oh my, the biggest party in Finland had so far seen about 40-50 people. Here was HUNDREDS!

In the actual party didn't then happen all that much, we made some contacts and pals and had overall some pretty good time.

It changed into very interesting times when we were coming back. Our friends had arranged us a sleeping place at Stockholm, but then started happening. There was two Station-named metro stations, and we were waiting in the wrong one. Then our driver managed to lose the paper where was address to the fella who we were meant to meet, but after a long furious searching the dumass found it from his own pocked. So finally we surprised everyone by finding our way there all by ourselves.

The werry funmp bit was next morning, when our host managed to silence the focken alarm clock and when one of us finally woke up we noticed there was only half an hour (!!!!!) before our ship would leave. We made a world record getting there. We naturally had our computers up there in that real high apartment house, and did a verry fast work dressing up, disassembling the computers, packing everything into the car and zooming into Stockholm's centre from the suburbs. Then we had trouble finding route to the ship's loading area, as all the darn roads forbid turning wehre we wanted to go, at one moment we found ourselves on a freeway leading away from Stockholm so we did fine U-turn, illegal, and did another forced very illegal turn to finally get where we needed to. We were the last car driving into that ship.

The rest was pretty normal. Got home and so on.

It was a good, interesting trip and I think we were the first Finns in a foreign copyparty.

Written by: Grendel of Byterapers Inc.
Source: Byterapers Inc.'s homepage

Groups Stories Photos Interviews Articles Parties

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