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The Silents & Horizon Copy-Party in Alvesta 1989

Again it was time for a party in Alvesta, this time it was to be arran- ged by TSL and Horizon. Last time it was by TSL and Stage 3, by the way.... Of course Byterapers were about to go there, as we were presented there also last time, in spring '88.

This time the party was expected to be better than last time, as it was quite a lamerparty at spring, only few good groups were presented. Now there was surely coming for example HTL and other cool people.

But what a fuck? I didn't see there any guys from HTL, so again there was empty promises flying around. Instead HTL there was hundreds of LAMERS. Rooms full of lamers. Somewhere, hidden among lamers could be find some cooler groups but they were really hidden. Horizon, Silents, Triad, S451, FLT, The Gang, Defjam, Riffs and propably some more good crews, I just can't remember them (sorry).

There was also more baad things than all those lamers around. Some rules.... 5 of them... Others weren't too bad but then that ugly one: NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED! Can you imagine a copyparty without any alcohol?????? I can't! I was terrible.. Anyway there was much people drunk, lets especially mention 5011/TRIAD, who was really drunk wandering around the place and talking everyone jokes about Silents ( TSL = The Silent Lamers )(Hey 5001 - contact me, ok! Address to be find in this issue somewhere). I can remember well also some guys with some booze of 95% (bet they didn't drink it) walking and showing the bottle to guys there.

This party wasn't too good, I must admit. It could have been really cool, but that idiotic rule NO ALCOHOL ALLOW. spoiled most of the fun around(from me) so... In fact it wasn't a copyparty at all, better say it was a copy-meeting (no booze - no party!).

Anyway I'll be in the next Alvesta meeting (alcohol better to be allowed, otherwize I'll bless Kasper's Curse upon them), so watch our for a crazy Finn there. ....

Written by: Grendel of Byterapers Inc.
Source: Scandinavian News 6
Released on: 12.1988
Source: Byterapers Inc.'s homepage

Groups Stories Photos Interviews Articles Parties

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