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The Venlo Meeting - February 1989

We in Axenon wanted to join the Venlo meeting as (nearly) usual this Feb. Since January, there was a new room, but in my opinion, there was just more room for more people, but less tables for computers.

When we (1/3 of AXN) arrived, the room was already overcrowded and it took us several minutes to find our other members (another third of Axenon). Although there were so many people, they hadn't enough to copy. There was a real problem with the stuff that day and another problem was that there were not so many well-known and famous groups. The most prominent one was Vision Factory & Beyonders,but if I am not wrong, they just joined the party for a very short while and then left as result of frustration (?).

As mentioned before, there was nearly no stuff and masses of Dutch loosers. Therefore,it was no success in any way but I hope, the next one is going to be better.

Written by: Mystyx of Axenon
Source: Scandinavian News
Released on: 03.1989
Edited by: Grendel of Byterapers Inc.
Source: Byterapers Inc.'s homepage

Groups Stories Photos Interviews Articles Parties

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