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Picture 13

The Hungarian C64 scene. Standing are: Szeksz of Coma, Vic of Coma, Jaydee of Resource, Cheesion and Jay of Graffity, Mercury (with many cigarettes in his mouth) and Dec of Natural Beat (holding the beer), the half head of Clarence of Graffity (in the background), Lion of Chromance, Dale of Resource, Balance (in front of Dale) and Parrot of Replay, Izzy of Singular, Gerync of Different.
In the second row there are: Csezso of Therapy (Profi 2/Profik), Blues and BBT of Breeze, Splash of Resource, Jean of Chromance, Edhellon of Resource, QCY and Copass of Leader, Scorpy of Replay Inc. (background), Poison of Singular. The person lying is Aty/Satir of Leader.

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