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Assembly 94 Results

I'm extremely proud to present you with all C64 contributions from Assembly '94, which was held in Helsinki, Finland from 5th to 7th of August.

Many quality demos got released this year, proving that C64 scene isn't even close to dying yet. Those effects seen in current demos even beat many of those seen on Amiga or PC! Compare the CPU clock frequency, the price and age of the equipment and the effects achieved!

Just watch C64 democoders always pushing back the limits on their 6510 CPU (From year 1975) running at less than one full MHz (980 KHz)! THIS IS THE *REAL* SPIRIT - TRY TO LEARN SOMETHING FROM THIS!

Here are the results for every competition held at Assembly '94. They're as accurate as possible, unlike certain text files released by various people containing *LOTS* of mistakes. However, this list is NOT official, it's just put together for this special occasion.

C64 Demos

  1. "Attack Of Stubidos 3" from Beyond Force
  2. "World Of Code 2" from Byterapers Inc.
  3. "Best Of Trinomic" from Trinomic

C64 Graphics

  1. "Swislain" by Electric/Extend
  2. "Dragon" by Mike/Panic
  3. "Ischarah" by Mr.Sex/Byterapers Inc.

C64 Musics

  1. "Illogical" by Genius/Palace
  2. "Anne" by Thor/Extend
  3. (Un-named) by Agemixer/Astral

Amiga 40K Intros

  1. "G-Force" from Pygmy Project
  2. "Falu Red Color" from Razor 1911
  3. "Darkroom" from Stellar

Amiga Demos

  1. "Mindflow" from Stellar
  2. "Breathtaker" from Virtual Dreams/FairLight
  3. "Drool This" from Parallax

PC 4K Intros

  1. "Stoned" from Dust
  2. "Optimize" from Epical
  3. "Fractals" from Schwartz

PC 64K Intros

  1. "Airframe" from Prime
  2. "The Magic Circle" from TET
  3. "Fyvush" from Jamm
  4. "Placebo" from Complex
  5. "Psychic Flights" from Spirit

PC Demos

  1. "Verses" from Electromotive Force
  2. "Holistic" from Cascada VR
  3. "Heartquake" from Iguana
  4. "Warp" from Legend Design
  5. "Images" from Epical

4-Channel Musics

  1. "Compulsion To Obey" by Lizardking/Razor 1911
  2. "Blueshow Blues" by Petroff/Absolute!
  3. "Tappajakotka" by Yolk/Parallax

Multi-Channel Musics

  1. "Walkaway" by Stargazer/Sonic PC
  2. "Journey" by Cube/Hysteria
  3. "Claustrophobia" by Lizardking/Triton


  1. "Pain" by Destop/CNCD
  2. "Hunterdog" by R.W.O & Zinko/Polka Bros.
  3. "Lost Hope" by Louie/Insane

Timo Rönkkö a.k.a. Deadbeat of Sharks


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