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Flag 96 Results


Here are the results of the FLaG party, held at 19-22. 07. 1996 in Budapest/Hungary. Organized by Controlled Dreams (PC), Resource (C64), SpaceHawks (Amiga)

C64 Demos

  1. Fatal (T)error from Profik (682 Points)
  2. Flames from Coma (468 Points)
  3. Wix Tandem from Replay INC (251 Points)

C64 Graphics

  1. Nightmare by Sliver of Triad (75 Points)
  2. Knight by Lucky of Taboo (56 Points)
  3. Manga by Tyrant of Therapy (38 Points)
  4. Fazee of Taboo (32 Points)
  5. Stone of Agony (22 Points)
  6. Merlin by Trias from Breeze (3 Points)

C64 Musics

  1. Children by Roy of Resource/Replay (105 Points)
  2. Destruction by MHD of Feniks/Motiv8 (68 Points)
  3. Zak by Eclipse of Albion/Replay (18 Points)
  4. Walk to Soul by Shoogon of Taboo (11 Points)
  5. Madras, spal... by Moog of Agony (6 Points)

Other Releases

Nagyon Fatal Error by Singular - a demo for the "Lamer demo" competition.

Lion, Splash, Oswald, Edhellon and Joe Forster


Groups Stories Photos Interviews Articles Parties

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