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Group (ex groups) from present to past

Jack Alien Avantgarde
Jack Daniels F4CG (Avantgarde, Dominators, Genesis*Project, Paramount, Actual Trading Generation, Orion, Cocaine)
Jamie Faces
Janitor Triad (West Coast Crackers)
Jason Antic
Jay Graffity
Jayce Faces
Jayce Onslaugh (Dominators, TRSI, Hitmen, Chromance, Genesis*Project)
Jaydee Chromance (Resource, Trias, Exile, Cherubs, Heartbeat)
Jazz Byterapers Inc.
Jazzcat Onslaught
JCH Vibrants (Channel 42, 2000 A.D.)
Jean Chromance (FBI Crew)
Jeff Smart Elite (Scouse Cracking Group, Triad, BojeSoft)
Jeroen Tel/Wave Maniacs of Noise (Focus, Scoop Designs, The Artworks, HCS)
Jihad Hitmen (Action)
Joe Forster/STA Independent (author of the Star Commander)
Jolly Cracker Xakk
Jordan Dual Crew (Antic)
Jordi Blasters Inc.
JRC The Ruling Company
Jr.Predator ???
Jucke F4CG
Judge Horizon (Fairlight, Heptagon, Sphinx, Science 451, Vortex 42)
Jugi Perfect Complex (Byterapers Inc.)
Jumpie F4CG
Just Ice Ikari

Groups Stories Photos Interviews Articles Parties

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