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NEW - Hall of Fame has been moved. Please update your bookmarks and change your links accordingly!

NEW - 8000 demos were uploaded... Reach them from the Groups menu!

Hall of Fame was initially dedicated to "More Than a Decade, Commodore 64 Scene" CD. The project was postponed in 1998 due to several problems, but mainly because of the enormous time that it requested.

However all collected demos were uploaded and are downloadable from the Groups menu. There is still chance that the project will go on in the future, but we cannot make any promises at the moment. If you would like to add something to help us finishing this task, then please drop us a line about it. Due to the overwhelming number of the mails we got, we do not answer all of them, but we archive all submissions and apply them if and when appropriate. This site needs the followings:

  • Identifying people and their corresponding groups in the Photos section if a particular comment is missing or incomplete
  • Letting me know where and when a particular photo was shot
  • Finding photos that could be linked to someone's personal gallery
  • Either sending in more stories, articles and photos (even more than one photo of you) or URLs, where this kind of material can be found
  • Hunting and reporting bugs (false information, bad links, bad spelling etc.)
  • Linking the site to yours
  • Just browsing and having fun :-)
You can still have a good time browsing this collection of hundreds of photos, several interviews and important data about the past of the Commodore 64 scene. We hope you enjoy yourself while being here!

The site on BME is maintained by Veres Ferenc a.k.a. Lion of Kempelen (ex-Chromance) and the Funet version is made possible by Marko Mškelš. Without their help you could not enjoy this collection.

If you like C-64 music, then make sure you visit by Chris Abbott who made a tremendous effort to bring back the feeling of old times by revamping some of the best SID titles.

Jean of Chromance (a.k.a Jan Csernoch, Csernoch JŠnos), 2nd of March, 2004


Groups Stories Photos Interviews Articles Parties

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