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Interview with Johan Astrand, Zyron of F4CG

What is your alias? If you find the story interesting, then let us know how you came up with it?

Zyron. No real story behind it.

Have you changed handles? If so, give us the reason(s) and your previous nickname(s)!

Yes I have. Previous handles were; JPH, Felix, Snobben, Maniac. Still no reasons.

When and where were you born and where do you live now?

I was born the 13th of April 1973 in Gothenburg, Sweden Now I live in a small ugly & lame 'town' (rather a village:)) called Karlsborg.

When did you get your first computer and which computers do/did you own? When did you get your C64?

I got my first computer in 1984 which was a C64 I also own a C128d, a lame 286 PC & 2 Atari 1040STe that I use for making midi-tunes since I don't have a proper PC this far.

How did you get to know the scene? Who was your first contact (person you knew) on the scene?

I got to know about the scene almost directly after I got my C64 since I watched alot of intros to the games I played, intros from groups like German Cracking Service, Cream Crackers, 1001 Crew, ABC, Mr.Z, Computerbrains, Swedish Cracking Crew, Sodan, West Coast Crackers, Relax, Triad, Fairlight, Crack Force Omega, Mr.Zer0page, Hotline, Jazzcat Cracking Service and lots of more. After that I more & more got into watching demos & I really admired & got amazed about what I saw. Anyway, to cut a long story short. Since I live in a small town I never really got in touch with the scene til 1991 when I met Depeh/Antic at a local demoparty in a nearby town called Skövde. This was actually only an Atari/Amiga (yes!:))-party but strangely Depeh & Kingpin/WOW was there, so was Rowdy/FLT & some other local C64 dudes I can't remember right now. So, Depeh went into our room (which actually was the headmaster's office where we were smoking, drinking beers & messing up:)) & said something like "Hey! C64's! How cool". We started talking & less then an hour later they brought their C64's. Depeh heard some of my musics & said I HAD to join Antic but at that time I had my own group Deceit & what I wanted the most was to get that group well-known, something I never achieved to do so I left it to die in 1992, after being a doublegroup-member for almost a year for nothing :)

Describe your scene career, including all groups you have been a member of! Keep chronological order please!

Well, I guess I just did that :) BUT, I could mention the groups I was in (actually started myself) before I got into the scene: Swedish Computer Gang, Quari, Wiz, Deceit.

Which scene do/did you consider best and why? If you have been only on the C64, then give us the reason(s)!

I've never really been into any other scene than the C64 one. I did a couple of Mod's on the Amiga but never bought one myself. I consider the C64-scene as the only real scene so actually I think the question is stupid ;)

What do you think you gained by being a member of the scene?

Well, I certainly KNOW I gained a lot of friends, fun and experience.

What do you consider lost, wasted or meaningless during the years you have spent on the scene?

Nothing, what did you expect?

What is/are/was/were your main interest(s)/function(s)?

Musician. I started as a coder, grafician & musician but had to drop coding demos & painting since I never got very good at it. Yet I do some coding for my collections but it's not very advanced of course :)

What made you start doing graphics/composing/swapping/coding/modem trading organising or whatever you did?

I simply (finally) got my hands on a decent music-editor.

What are/were your greatest successes/fiascos?

I never had any.

Was there any special connection between you/your group and some other people/groups on the scene (co-operation, war, friendship etc.)? If so, what made it start and stop?

There were some fights between Antic & JAM but since it started before I joined I can not really make any comments about it.

Have you attended parties? Tell us about your favourite conferences? You can even mention some fiascos.

I've been to some parties, let me list them; Horizon 91, Light+Phenomena 92, The Party 2, TCC 93, The Party 3, The Party 4, The Party 5, and X-97. All The Parties are in some ways fiascos since the atmposphere is wrong cause the staff is arrogant, there are too many rules & the whole thing is too fucking commerical. X-97 was GREAT even though there were too few C64-people.

Is/was there any special feeling in your crew, something more than just being in a group?

Of course! Both in Antic & in F4CG we are all close friends.

What were your favourite groups/artists/coders/productions? Why do/did you like their work/these programs?

Damn! I refuse to answer this question since you don't mention musicians :)

Give us a brief description on the development of the scene as you experienced it and computer society in general!

It's moving towards the future in a reactionary way.

What is your profession? What do you do for a living? Does it have to do anything with computers? Is there anything you do in real-life that is similar to what you have been doing on the scene?

Yes, I'm watching it.

How did your attitude towards computers change during the years?

I never had one, I simply abused them.

What do you like doing in your spare-time when not computing? What is/are your hobby(ies)?

I compose, make love & spend my time in the best way possible.

Are there moments when you feel nostalgic thinking back to the past years of the scene? If so what do you do when it happens?

I watch old demos, crack and train old games for Nostalgia or simply blame Karlsborg for the fact that I got into the scene far too late.

What are your plans for the near/far future?

I never plan anything but when the future gets to me I regret not doing it.

What is your goal in life? What would you like to achieve?

Comfort, hapiness, love, appreciation, fun & peace on earth.

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