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Interview with (Witold Kozlowski) Jane of Asphyxia

What is your alias? If you find the story interesting, then let us know how you came up with it?

My alias is Jane. There was no story connected with it. When I was young I had very long hairs and I've looked like a little girl. Some friends started to joke with this name and then I was started to repeat and use this name.

Have you changed handles? If so, give us the reason(s) and your previous nickname(s)!

No, never.

When and where were you born and where do you live now?

I was born in 22.08.1972 in a small town, Jelenia Gora in Poland. Now I live in Glogow.

When did you get your first computer and which computers do/did you own? When did you get your C64?

My first computer was C128. My parents give me this machine in 1985. Now I've got some more equipment. I'm working on C64(128), Amiga, PC, Atari ST.

At the begining I had only keyboard of C128 and nothing more. It was the reason why I started do code. I had no programs, no games, no utilities. Every programs I had at the begining was written by myself.

How did you get to know the scene? Who was your first contact (person you knew) on the scene?

First with the guy Dr.Island (then he changed his name to the "Ultimate puke") we worked together, and we make some demos for the Deuter group in 1988y. To get some utilities I started swapping but it was very hard time for me and after some years I decided to break all my contacts.

Describe your scene career, including all groups you have been a member of! Keep chronological order please!

First since 1988 with some friends (Dr.Island, Extern, PamPam and Seq) we create group Deuter. Then Deuter died when we (Dr.Island, Extern and me) meet Kruger/Slaves of keyboard. In 1991 or 1992 we decided to found new group. We named ASPHYXIA. In Asphyxia we are still working in diferent (not only computer) ways. Now we are the oldest C64 demo group in Poland.

Which scene do/did you consider best and why? If you have been only on the C64, then give us the reason(s)!

I consider the C64 scene best, coz peoples who I've meet became my friends (sometimes we are meeting, talking, playing...together). Amiga and PC since the beginning had direction to make more commercial programs, peoples haven't fun, joy from this (of course they had but C64 scene was more opened, most friendly)

What do you think you gained by being a member of the scene?

It was for me a great was to meet with different peoples who liked computers, who made the same things I made.

What is/are/was/were your main interest(s)/function(s)?

I started as a coder and swapper then I become graphician adn musician. I still have this functions in Asphyxia

What are/were your greatest successes/fiascos?

My great succes was to create ASPHYXIA coz I feel very good in those group with this peoples. Thank You all Asphyxians :)

Was there any special connection between you/your group and some other people/groups on the scene (co-operation, war, friendship etc.)? If so, what made it start and stop?

Yes we had/have a lot of friends on the scene. We worked together. There was one war... one group (I will not write the name coz they don't exist yet and this is not importand) had fight, but we did nothing and they feel that it was stupid.

Have you attended parties? Tell us about your favourite conferences? You can even mention some fiascos.

We made first Polish C64 Asphyxia Party in Glogow 1992. Then in 1993 the second one. It was a great time :) We took a part in some partys, sometimes win the competitions.

Is/was there any special feeling in your crew, something more than just being in a group?

Yes. It is still.

What were your favourite groups/artists/coders/productions? Why do/did you like their work/these programs?

I liked Padua's Horizon's demos. They were realy great. They break technicall possibilities of C64 as a machine.

What is your profession? What do you do for a living? Does it have to do anything with computers? Is there anything you do in real-life that is similar to what you have been doing on the scene?

Now (1997) I'm studying Architecture (Urban Planning). I'm working in some experimental theatres in Poland as an actor. I lead my own group of young peoples where we are working with theater, songs, art of the body...

What do you like doing in your spare-time when not computing? What is/are your hobby(ies)?

Singing. I like singing. With friends we are searching for different songs from different cultures, we are learning and sing. Speciall from traditionall (ethnic) culures. It's not a commercial singing :)

Are there moments when you feel nostalgic thinking back to the past years of the scene? If so what do you do when it happens?

Yes. It have gone. But in that moments I turn on my C64 and OK

What are your plans for the near/far future?

I don't have any plans. Life will show.

What is your goal in life? What would you like to achieve?


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