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The story of Beyond Force

These pages are about the history of Beyond Force, about how it all started and what is the current status of Beyond Force. The writer of this page doesn't take any responsibility if some things written here are not correct as this is not supposed to be any kind of a absolute truth about the history of Beyond. Additionally, there may be some more or less important issues that are left out of this text's scope due to ignorance of the writer. Things happened on the Amiga are especially on a weak basis.

Beyond Force was founded in May 1988 and the people behind the name were Hazor, Urban, Overlord and Gloryboy, whom of which Overlord and Gloryboy were Amiga swappers. Among the first members were also Axeman, Solomon, Saba, Boss and some others. Boss was responsible for the first demo released by Beyond Force and it was released in May 1988 at DDG party held in Hartola, Finland. At that DDG party (the second scene party held in Finland; the first one being organized by the legendary Finnish Gold in January 1988) Beyond Force got one new memeber as TNT joined.Beyond Force started first with releasing small intros and demos. At the early days cracking games was in picture as well but Beyond Force never gained reputation with real good releases in the cracking scene. It didn't took long until the group turned mostly legal. Additionally there was a short period of time late in the year where Beyond Force was in co-operation with Xades Society, but that coop ended before the year 1989 started. Beyond Force also released a few music collections mostly done by Hazor that year.

During the year 1988 Beyond Force released a few nice demos - the quality on the coding side was going up gradually as TNT, Solomon, RSB and Boss released several small and a bit larger productions. Towards the end of the year TNT and Solomon had been working on a project that was to be released in december 1988 labeled 'Phantasie'. This is probably the demo that lifted Beyond Force to another level for good. Phantasie featured a lot of new ideas and effects that were hi-tech at the time. Slowly Beyond Force had created a reputation first and foremost as a coder group - designing the demos was left pretty much secondary. This is a quality that can be seen throughout the demos Beyond Force has released up to this day. Of course, some exceptions to the tradition have been made every now and then, but generally when the coders not only design their demos but also draw the graphics, what else would you expect the result to be. In the year there were a few meetings held and through all times this habit has continued to exist as the latest meeting was held in january 1997. Our slogan from that time - the leading edge of coding - pretty much tells about the attitudes the members had back then.

In 1989 TNT and Solomon kept releasing smaller demos on their own. Demos of which 'Charlatan' (January 1989), 'Splitter' (February 1989) and 'Metamorphoses' are the ones that became the biggest hits. Charlatan and Splitter were introducing a whole new technique to create splits on C-64. The first one of these two, Charlatan, was coded by Solomon and it featured a routine that held 37 splits, while at the time demos hadn't even half of it at most. It's a bit hard to describe how stunning the demos were at the time, but if you know the demo Charlatan and have read Solomon's tales about the roots of the effect (they are just tales) and consider that some people actually believed them, you may get some kind of a picture of the situation. Shortly after Charlatan, TNT's splitter took splitting into a new level. The routine presented 80 splits in the background and 2 in the borders.

The year 1989 hit the scene from the part of Beyond Force as probably the most productive year of Beyond Force's existence. Not only TNT and Solomon released a few demos but also Axeman started coding. His demo 'Stubido' hit the screens that same year, though at the same time Boss was getting unactive and turning into Amiga scene. Later that year there was also released a short demo coded by Solomon and finished by Hazor, called Insanity which followed the complicated math-based pixel manipulation turned into animation Solomon had already shown in Charlatan and Metamorphoses. RSB was also active in 1989, he and Axeman were responsible for the One Year Beyond demo that was released at Horizon & Equinoxe easterparty. Among the early releases from RSB was one of the first sinusscrollers on C-64 too. That sinusscroller was released at the same time as the Rawhead's sinusscroller - both of which are considered the first of their kind on C-64. During the year some people like Solomon and TNT got a bit more inactive as both of them were compelled to join the Finnish army. On the other hand Beyond Force got another coder as Sam joined and released a demo with a few parts of his work.

Late in 1989 Beyond Force released another big demo at Dominators & Upfront christmas party held in Denmark. Poor was released in co-operation with a new group called Origo. Origo's parts were named Biascrusher. Origo was founded by mostly the ex-members from Brains. Up until the Poor was released, Beyond Force had already gotten two more coders, Control and Pi, both of whom were Norweigians. Also Moz(ic)art started a bit unofficial co-operation with Beyond Force supporting the demos with their music. The Poor featured parts from Sam, Solomon, RSB, Control and Pi with some coding also done by Hazor. Many people at the party said that the demo was amazing. The only odd thing is that it didn't achieve anything really special in the demo competition, which was won by Bones.

In 1990 things started to get a bit slower as the next demo was released at the Horizon's easterparty 1990 held in Varby, Sweden. This is the party that pretty much all the sceners of the time consider as some kind of peak in the C-64 demo scene. Although Typical, which was coded by Sam, TNT, Control and PI, was disqualified for not being released right after the competition, the competition was a huge success. There were probably 40-50 contributions to the competition. The whole competition was won by Origo Dreamline with the margin of one single vote. Light was second and Flash Incorporated was 3rd. Though Typical was disqualified, it finished 5th in the voting, so it didn't go all that bad for Beyond Force. The group's expanding continued in 1990 as Hawkeye and Stranger (both coders) joined. Later in the year Axeman released a sequel into his Stubido series at the GrendelParty held in Iisalmi, Finland. In November 1990 Beyond got yet one more coder nicknamed Gremlin. Some other transactions took place too as Control an Pi left the group and Beyond Force became all Finnish group once again. Coding of the next year's easterparty held by Horizon started well before hand.

In 1991 the group's shifting to Amiga continued, though there were pretty many people still coding on C64 - the main focus on the Horizon's easterparty and to release a good demo there. In the beginning of the year two more C-64 members joined, namely Xentrix (coder) and Napalm (graphician). At Horizon's easterparty Beyond Force released their first real success in any democompo as the first prize trophy was taken home by TNT. The demo featured lots of parts from Sam, TNT, Gremlin and even two parts from Solomon, which were both finished by Gremlin. The win was secured probably at the moment when Origo Dreamline decided that they wouldn't get their demo finished in time. It has to be admitted that they already in 1991 party had a bit of a blockbuster demo, which would have probably won the compo, but too bad for them that the demo was not released before the following year's easterparty. Later in the year Beyond Force released another demo, this time coded by Gremlin and Xentrix and named Attack of Stubidos. The demo was released at Gathering '91 held by Byterapers, Scoopex Finland and Bloodsuckers in Parikkala, Finland. Due to low standard and few contirubtions at the demo competition the demo took the first prize. At the party Beyond Force released an Amiga demo too which was coded by Boss and finished by Pioneer as Boss wasn't able to arrive at the party. The demo took the 3rd place in the demo competition. Though Beyond Force enjoyd a lot of success in 1991, it was clear that the members were becoming unactive and most of the group had shifted to Amiga.

It took almost six months before Beyond Force released their next demo. This time it was in the Light & Phenomena easterparty held in Alingsas, Sweden. The Partytrap took 2nd place in the democompo after Origo's demo that should've been released the year before. The coders responsible were Gremlin, TNT and Sam. Only two demos were released on C64 that year and the other one was released at Assembly 1992 held in Kauniainen, Finland. It was called 'Oh no, more dots!' and it was coded by Gremlin. The demo was pretty small production and took 2nd place in the demo competition. In the process Xentrix and Napalm had already left the C64 scene and moved to PC-scene. The activities on C64 were becoming pretty rare. By the way, in the Assembly 1992 Beyond Force released an intro for the intro competition coded by Boss and fractal animation done by Hazor. Unfortunately the intro didn't make it into the big screen.

The year of 1993 could be described as the most inactive year Beyond Force has had in C64-scene. Only one demo was released and it featured some old routines Gremlin had done after 1991, only one new routine was included and it was the filled balls part. The demo was named somewhat unoriginally 'Attack of Stubidos 2' and it took part in Assembly 1993 demo competition held in Kerava, Finland. The demo itself took surprisingly good 2nd place after Origo Dreamline's Four Years Demo. At the party Beyond Force clearly was biased on Amiga as Gremlin also released his contribution to Amiga 40k intro competition. The intro made it to the big screen, but had no success in the competition. Also Boss and TNT released a slideshow on Amiga with two versions. The other one supprorted AGA and the other didn't.

In 1994 Beyond Force released only one demo and it was on C-64. The demo was released at Assembly 1994 held in Helsinki, Finland. The demo was the last in the series of 'Attack of Stubidos'. The whole demo was coded by Gremlin and it won the demo competition at the party.

The next year Beyond Force was presented again at Assembly 1995 held in Helsinki, Finland - though some troubles were faced as the Finnish army almost prevented Gremlin from arriving to the party place. Anyway all the troubles were handled and 'Seven Years' was released in the demo competition. Coding was done by Gremlin with loader coded by TNT. The result was that it became 3rd in the compo. The winner demo was coded by the legendary Byterapers that had experienced a new comeback to C64-scene. At this point members of Beyond Force had started to move on to PC.

In 1996 Beyond Force showed up with yet another Assembly partydemo. This time with a fitting name 'Nothing but code'. Coding in this demo was done once again by Gremlin and TNT was supporting the loader again. The demo finished 2nd in the demo competition, Byterapers taking the first place for the 2nd time in two years. In 1996 almost all the people had moved on to PC and were having few scene activities. Though most people had left the good old C64, there were still people interested in it and through all the years Beyond Force had existed, many meetings with old friends had been held - most of the time inviting some of the groups' closest frieds, like Origo Dreamline. The latest meeting was held in January 1997 and there was a short fastcoded meeting introduction released with coding by TNT and Gremlin.

So today Beyond Force still exists and probably releases something whenever some one of us wants to, but the main activities are nowadays in organizing some kind of meetings with friends like once a year or so.

Story written by: ??? of Beyond Force
Source: Beyond Force's homepage

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