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The story of Clique

It was a warm spring night of 1991 when Remix/Bronx had an argument with the leaders of Bronx and decided to leave. He used to be on the C64 division of Bronx, along with some real good friends, but he had no other choice. He simply could not stand to stay in Bronx after some events...

He called the C64 division leader and told him that he has left the group. The news must have spread so quick, and in about 10 minutes he recieved some phone calls from other guys in Bronx-C64. They all said "If you are leaving, WE ARE LEAVING, TOO!"

So, except the C64 leader, all the C64 division of Bronx left the group just in one night. The next morning was a morning of a new group with old friends, but of a group with no name!

It really has taken a long time to find the group name. We wanted it to be something different, not just a "XXXXX Design" or "XXXX cracking group" name. There were some offers, like BOOM! or LEGO, until one day Tuareg offered a name on the phone. He said "CLICK", or that was what Remix understood.. Remix said "Ah, sounds nice, it's like the CLICK of a mouse".. "NO!" said Tuareg. It's not CLICK. It is CLIQUE.. The meaning is "a group which does not obey the laws".. AH! That must have been the name!

The Turkish member status back in 1991 was: Master, Prince, Mad, Melih (He was "Prof.Fate" then.), Babyface, Tuareg, Metallic, Scotch, Remix and Rattlehead.

So, after about a month, we had a name. Now it was the time to release some productions to make us known in the C64 scene. We were working on a demo for Bronx, but as we all left, we simply changed the logos and we had some parts ready for our demo..

But the first thing that was done good for the group, was to take a new member, to help us with the spreading. He did not have that much experience, but he was a very good friend.. We are talking about Smile, who later on also proved us that he was going to be one of the best swappers around, and also the swapper with the MOST contacts in the Turkish scene history.. He had about 250 mail contacts when he stopped around 1995.

Script was #1 in C-64 diskmag charts around 92-93.

In the Bronx days, Remix used to edit a diskmag called CEMETERY NEWS. The name and the idea to release a diskmag belonged to the Bronx leaders, but the mag had a good place in the scene and a success in the charts that Remix did not want to stop with it. So, we changed the name of the mag to SCRIPT and it was released under the CLIQUE label. After 4 issues of Cemetery News, Script issue #5 was released. Just before the new Script was released, Remix recieved a phone-call from Warewolf/AIDS. He told Remix that he was so proud of the magazine that CLIQUE was releasing, and he really loved it. The AIDS crew was in a coop with another Turkish group called MSA, and they had recently released a demo, which was very good for Turkish standarts. The Clique guys once talked about them and thought that it would be a good idea to get AIDS & MSA in Clique. When Warewolf said that he was proud of the mag, Remix asked if they would be interested in joining. Warewolf said they had to think about the offer. Just a few days later all the guys in both groups (well, just 4 guys infact) joined CLIQUE. So, Warewolf, Walking Stress, Exotic, TAPP and Buggy joined Clique.

The first thing we released was the 5th issue of Script. The outfit was coded by Scotch/CLQ. It was not so brilliant, but we had a time pressure, and we had to release Script so quickly.

Just after joining us, Walking Stress immediately released his 1-part Bonziied-type (or for the Amiga freaks, COMA TYPE) demo called SYSTEM ERROR under CLIQUE label. That was the first piece of code that Clique released, and it was spread with Script no:6.

Those recently-joined 4 guys were coders and they lived in ANKARA, where only Remix lived. Walking Stress was decided to take over the coding of the new outfit of SCRIPT, so that the editor and the coder would be making the mag together. Before, the mag was being coded in another city (izmir) by Scotch and Remix (the editor) had no control over the layout etc and that was a negative point. Walking Stress had also some parts ready for a new demo.

So we decided to make the first big CLIQUE meeting in Istanbul. We wanted to meet together and also to collect those parts together to release our demo. The meeting was so fun and successfull, and finally we released our first megademo called FREESTYLE, which was enough to make Clique appear in some "best demo groups" charts. The diskmag "Shock" by Censor Design reviwed the demo, stating that the CLQ Demo was full of interesting ideas (especially the opening part).

We also have to mention our members in other countries. Clique was a Turkiye-based group, but we did not hesitate to allow people from other countries. Some were very good friends and most of them were very good swappers. It was a hard thing to make spreadings from Turkiye, so we needed good traders from other countries. We got members from Germany, England, Israel, Australia, Norway, Belgium, Italy, Finland, Sweden and Switzerland. With a good organization, our products were being spread to whole world. We always thought that trading was the key to success, and spreading our own products lead to being known and admired in the scene. Smile/CLQ had more than 200 contacts, and Remix had about 180. And with the help from our foreign members, we made the best spreading a group could make. The first names that's on our minds are NothingFace (Germany), Playboy (Italy), Devil (Italy), Micke (Finland), Janso&Jonsku (Finland), Trice (Norway), Alive (Hungary), Flint (Israel), Zooky (Israel), Joker (England), Pulsar (Holland), Truse&Witty (Australia), Dotan, Haim and Stormbringer.

Some months later, in winter 1992, another group also in Turkiye, called SAGE, were very good friends. We were meeting and having fun together and at last we could not resist offering them joining. Those guys were focused on Amiga only, but that was OK with us, there was nothing wrong in having an Amiga section. And so joined: Detail (Code), Dale Cooper (Musician), Ravel (Graphics), Sparky (Code), Dark (Code).

After some months, we had our first.. BBS! The sysop was Master and Prince/CLQ, and the BBS was CLINIQUE. After staying online for about 2 years, the BBS was offline due to (nearly) no trading in the Turkish scene. Master/CLQ finally turned mad, that CLQ was the only uploaders, and all other Turkish guys were uploading modules and x-rates stuff but nothing else.. But during those 2 years, Clinique was the home of the Clique members. This BBS will always have a special place in our history.

This section released several intros and nothing else. We just wanted to show that we also can code on the Amiga, but we had no willing to do more. Our main concentration was on the C64, and we were going quite good on that. Script entered top 5 mags with the 7th issue, and then into top 3 in the 9th one. After that we had a long struggle to catch the number one spot, which we did. Script #14, which was the last issue of Script ever, was released in 1993, had over 2000 blocks of text. This was a record, and Script #14 was the mag with the most text. The record was beaten in around february 1996, after 3 years. Script remained as the number one rated diskmag for about 1.5 years, until we all stopped our activities on the C64.

We had lots of reasons to stop on the C64. Clique was an "older" group in the scene. Nearly all the members were studying at the university or working. Everybody had "other" things to do. Script was the only production which was being released regularly, but it was released by Remix and Walking Stress. When Remix bought a modem and discovered modem-trading on the Amiga, he suddenly lost interest. Walking Stress also bought a PC and he was too busy studying it. So Clique decided to stop with Script and also stop on the C64..

Clique mainly did not get into another computer scene after that. Most of the members had an Amiga but the Amiga scene did not interest them. After stopping on the C64, Clique remained as a friendship-group. We released several other intros on the Amiga, but that was only to show that we were alive, not that we wanted to get in and start with the Amiga scene. We all worked so hard for the C64 scene and reached most of the best places that we had no more willing left for another scene.

In summer 1995, we had 2 new members (friends!) from Turkye. They were Bloody & Kris, both were also in Rebels. Kris was a graphician and Bloody was a trader. They were really active on the Amiga scene, and they were releasing a diskmag called ETERNAL under the Rebels label. It was one of best mags of Amiga Scene around 1993. But they had some problems with the code of the mag, so they had difficulties in releasing it.

With Bloody and Kris' joining, Clique had a kind of second start. All the members, who were quite "bored" of the scene, got a kind of willing to do it "once more". We decided to get COOLSHOT/CLQ in the group, with a BBS which we renamed to CHRONIQUE, running on Amiga 1200 Tower. This event, having a BBS even pushed us further. We released another intro (coded by Detail and gfx from Kris).

Just today, when this text you have been reading was written, we have opened a C64 conferance in Chronique. We have put all the Script issues and demos we have released online, and also added hundreds of games, demos and diskmags to the dir-listing. This was due to a respect to the C64, who brought us to the place we are now.

Well.. This was the "very-brief" history of the Clique Crew. Summarizing the 5-years-Clique history in just a few pages hurts infact, coz we had a real looooooong 5 years, with so much success and friends. We did the best we could, we reached the best places where no other Turkish group reached, but these are feelings which are impossible for us to write down.

But we lived them, THANX GOD WE LIVED THEM..

Here is a list of Clique's Turkish members.. Most of them are not active now, but these guys WERE and we are still friends with ALL of them. Although they are not active, they are still a part of the CLIQUE family..

In Rememberence order: Tapp, Buggy, Metallic, Tuareg, Scotch, Axon, Buggy, Melih, Babyface, Master, Prince, Mad, Smile, Remix, Detail, Mindross, Wondrous, Kris, Bloody, Coolshot, Dale Cooper, Dark, Ravel, Rattlehead, Exotic, Warewolf, Walking Stress.

Story written by: Remix of Clique
Source: Clique's homepage

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