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The story of Dual Crew

It all started in about 85. The now famous Amiga section (Stookie, ZAZ and Mutant among others) started their sceneactivity on the C64, they formed a group called DUAL CREW. They did some demos and cracked some games.. At that time Metal Maniac was a member of some other group, maybe Warlocks or Magma, don't remember really. Anyway, the Dual Crew doodz got tired of C64 and went Amiga (87-88), still as Dual Crew. and in early 1990, Metal Maniac was a member of TRIAD, VERY tired of the scene, so much new people and the parties felt booring. You only knew some people, and your friends was too lazy to move their asses to the meetings.

A local friend to Metal Maniac had a meeting at his place, and invited Creeper, Jordan and Stranger. They had just joined/started Antic, and were going strongly towards the Swedish demoelite. He also asked Metal Maniac to come over, so he did. (Maybe it is important to tell you guys that Creeper and Jordan also has been members of other groups at the same time as DCS, like Flash and Antic)

He saw the doodz at the pizza place and thought, bahh, computernerds... There it all started, Dual Crew 64 division was started AGAIN some days later. Our aim was to have alot of fun, and we sure did. We had a meeting every year at Metal Maniacīs grandparents place, a cold little house, hehe. We have only released 100% pure funreleases. And have succeded in some compos. Came 6th at some of the Partys in DK, won TPF/Anal Intruders party in Vasteras. Won the Assembly - 92 (I think it was -92), and so on...

Nowadays we meet like everyday on the NET, IRC channel #c-64. Drop by and talk to us, Jordan, Probe, Creeper or Metal Maniac. Nicks are something like : _Jordan_, Prob3_, Creeper, Metal_M. Otherwise you could mail us, look at the members page! (Click the faces of us ;) )

Story written by: ??? of Dual Crew
Source: Dual Crew Shining's homepage

Groups Stories Photos Interviews Articles Parties

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