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The story of Equinoxe

Equinoxe is mainly active in the legal part of the scene, releasing one of the most successful disk magazines (Shout!), some tools and sometimes even some small demos.

The group was founded in October 1993 by wARp (at that time called Mr Warp) and Traitor. It was a merge of the dying rests of the groups Viper and Fantasia.

Later on we released some small tools, and then finally, the first issue of our magazine Ingenious Brain (which got later replaced by Shout!), as well as our first megademo called Fuel.

We gained more members and respect in the scene, and then in September 1994 we released the second issue of Ingenious Brain, which shot up into the charts immediately. We kept on releasing tools, small demos, and of course our magazine. Then, after we released issue 5 of Ingenious Brain, wARp got the offer to join Fairlight and produce Reformation with them. He refused and Fairlight went into magazine co-operation with Equinoxe to produce Shout!. The release of the first issue of Shout! got delayed and delayed, and a lot of rumours about this magazine got spread in the scene. It was hyped into heaven by almost everybody, and when Shout!#1 finally was released in March 1995, a lot of people where disappointed at first. Anyway... Shout!#1 had a REALLY high quality, some people consider it as the best single issue of a magazine ever released, and that had effects on the charts.

Meanwhile, wARp went totally inactive, he was sick of the scene, sick of swapping, sick of the disorganisation in Fairlight and in Equinoxe. While he practically outside the scene, Equinoxe went down from day to day. A lot of rumours got spread of them, some incompetent people even announced the death of Equinoxe and Shout!. wARp still got sometimes news from the scene, but was too lazy to re-enter. He was busy with coding a local MUD called Darkside and also busy with real life. That changed radically in December 1995.

After a long time he finally visited the channel #c-64 on IRC again. And he met some people who still remembered him and knew Shout!. He also met MACX, a Swedish scener who should soon become an organizer of Equinoxe. And he decided to reenter. Some days later wARp announced on IRC that he reentered the scene and will release Shout! again. He then called up Intruder/Avantgarde, an old friend, and sent him a public note about Shout! to spread.

Now we're back in the present. Equinoxe is currently busy with working on Shout!#2, and we still search new members (mainly painters, composers and coders, but also good swappers). We also need support for Shout!: New editors, new logos and exclusive musics. Contact wARp or MACX for support.

Story written by: wARp of Equinoxe on the 27th of Jan 1996
Source: Equinoxe's homepage

Groups Stories Photos Interviews Articles Parties

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