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The Story of Flash Incorporated V1

Before the Flash

The Beginning

Attraction Series Begins

Hotshot - A New Scandinavian Magazine

The End of Attractions

The Octabits + Oracle Developments

One Year Old Already

One Proud Moment

Flash Inc. Gets Carrier Detect

Fame Rises in the Flash Camp

Tour de Europe

Falköping Meeting V2 = Legacy Part 2

The Second Cooperation Demo

Flash Inc. Three Years Old

A Drastic Turn Hits the Group

The Welcomed Return

Member List

Member List from Demos

Before the Flash

The year is 1989 and the teenage demo culture is a few years old. At the moment, a coder is a real man if he knows everything about border-timing, splits and DYSPs. A new talent is about to rise from a small Swedish town called Falköping.

A couple of local hackers in that town team up to form the group ACIDE. They make a couple of demos, and spice up their spread-discs with the occasional music rips and cracks as most people do. They get a few swapping contacts, including a young Unifier, then known as Beastian of ELTRONIC. In May or June 1989 Kilobyte, Sharp & Flame leave ACIDE to join a pretty bad group called REDLINE 2000. After just a couple of weeks, some of the members leave the group. Kilobyte changes his handle to Zodiac, and together with Mr.Chain he starts up FLASH INCORPORATED. The first members are Flame, Gryzor, Guts, Mr. Chain, Sharp and Zodiac.

The Beginning

Without the knowledge of a previous group named FLASH CRACKING GROUP, active a couple of years earlier, the boys start working very hard to get a good position in the C64 demo scene. They release 3 demos ("Summer Code I" sees the daylight on the 26th of June 1989, "Summer Code II" on the 10th of July 1989 and "Summer Code III" on the 23rd of August the same year), a couple of notemakers and music rips in two months. All of the demos are under normal standard and hardly anyone show interest in the group. But things are about to change...

On October 4th, the group releases "Quartz". Morpheus and Epsilon of ZONE 45 sees it and gets mighty impressed. Epsilon makes contact with the guy responsible for the best parts in the demo, Zodiac, asking him to join the new group Epsilon and Morpheus are about to start. But he doesn't want to leave his friends behind so he offers Eps and Morph to join FLASH instead, without really knowing what they could do. Together with Moon from PHENOMENA the guys do so, taking care of the first task to kick the lazy and less talented members from the group. The founder, Mr. Chain, must leave the group aswell, after it is revealed that he instead of coding, rips his demoparts from other groups, giving FLASH a bad reputation.

Attraction Series Begins

Released at the Halloween party hosted by LIGHT and TRIAD in November 1989, third price winning demo "Attraction" is FLASH's first party release and also the first demo where the group takes a giant step forward in the demoscene, spotting success in the third eye. At this point consisting of a much stronger force. "Attraction", as well as the other three demos in this serie, is hardcoded and technical, with lots of DYSP's, rastersplits, sprites, DYCP's, border stuff, DXYCP's etc.

The follow-up demo, "Fatal Attraction" is released on the 15th of January 1990, giving Zodiac the reputation of being a fast and technical coder, but leaving the guys wondering why the chart-lists still were ignoring their demos.

"Attraction III" sees the day only one month later. This is the period where Epsilon leaves the group to join PARAGON after a dispute with Zodiac about some parts Zodiac are doing for the next demo, built on Epsilon's coding ideas. All according to himself. By now, FLASH INC and Zodiac is beginning to climb the demo group and single coder charts in the discmags.

Hotshot - A New Scandinavian Magazine

The story of HotShot starts when mags are quite new in the scene. A few German mags are released and sure you remember Sex'n'Crime which was the biggest one around. Sharp, Zodiac and Morpheus are talking about starting a mag, but Morpheus thinks there are too many already! Later he recieves a call from Zodiac, who says that he and Sharp have done a mag-outfit with the name HotShot. Zodiac tells Morpheus: "It's so easy to draw the mag logo, because Sharp only has to draw SHOT and then copy HOT from it and put it infront of SHOT". The first issue is released on the 28th of March 1990 and within a few months, HotShot becomes a well-known and well-recieved magazine.

The End of Attractions

It's Easter time 1990, and the 2nd HORIZON party is about to start. FLASH has been working on their follow-up demo since a couple of weeks back, making Zodiac spend most of his days infront of the computer. Epsilon is back in the group after talking over the whole situation with the rest of the guys, contributing with only a turn over part for the new demo. "Party Attraction" is released, marking the end of the Attraction serie. It finishes at third place, right after competition winning ORIGO, who shocks the world with "Eldorado" including an interlaced AFLI part, and LIGHT, who shows their capability of doing vectors. In one of the parts of "Party Attraction" there are 100 DYCP scrollers, and FLASH offer a diploma to anyone who reads them all. So far, Zyron is the only one known who has overcome the horrible beast of boring text, so he got his well-deserved diploma in August 1996.

The Octabits + Oracle Developments

Somewhere around this time, the Flashers team up with Redstar to form a new game company called THE OCTABITS. They produce three games and sell them for under-payed salaries. Two of the games are published as originals: "Psychic Kaos" for Double Density and "Pair Of Memory" for CP Verlag. The third game, "Funball", is released by some crackers but has never been available in the stores as far as we know.

THE OCTABITS members: Moon, Morpheus, Redstar, Unifier, Zodiac.

Crept also builds up a game label some year later together with Rune, Smiley & Parody of HOAXERS called ORACLE DEVELOPMENTS. They make contact with OMG/Antichrist who says he will sell the games through AMOK ENTERTAINMENT, but instead he releases their first game "Skidz" as a crack for his group GENESIS*PROJECT. The whole project is blown off and as far as the boys know, no game has been released as an original.

One Year Old Already

It's the summer of 1990 and Danish member Kwon releases "Return Of The Mega-Dildo". It takes the 2nd place in the demo competition at the DANIAX party in Middelfart/Denmark.

In "Summer Code IV" the group shows some new exciting ideas (FLI scroller, filled vectors) and some stunning graphics by new member Crept. The demo ends up at 2nd place in the demo compo at the FULL FORCE / PANORAMIC / SCIENCE 451 / MEGASTYLE INC party in Bergen/Norway, from the 29th of June to the 1st of July 1990. It gives the boys something to talk about on their way home, aswell as letting FHI show off with two price-winning demos in a short period of time.

Another Swedish super group CENSOR DESIGN kicks out their member Unifier because he doesn't scream and destroy as much as them. He decides to join FLASH INC because he really likes "Summer Code IV", and so "Uxorious" is his first demo for FHI, featuring the first ever sideborder zoomer. This makes Unifier finally reunited with old group fellows Morpheus and Epsilon (all three of them were earlier in ELTRONIC/SHINE and ZONE 45). Wisch releases "No IQ", which includes one part only, featuring some plots and bouncing line nets originally programmed for "Summer Code IV".

One Proud Moment

At the promised CENSOR party in Gothenburg in November 1990, FHI wins the demo competition with "Channel 64", mainly because of Zodiac's way-cool all border vector plotter. VISION and CENSOR accuses FLASH of voting for their own demo, but it's revealed that CENSOR did just that. CENSOR has to pay the prize money out of their own pockets because the amount of people showing up was not as many as expected.

At around the same time, Blaster releases his only demo parts ever for FLASH in a small technical demo called "Weird Bytes". Unifier makes another solo demo called "Uxorious II - The Cunning Plan" with one of the first real-time calculated fractals on the 64.

Flash Inc. Gets Carrier Detect

Sodapop joins FLASH with his popular board "Paradize" which is one of Sweden's biggest at one point. He manages to fix a support BBS in the states called "Digital Fantasy", run by US group LONGSHOT who also picks up the job to import and NTSC-fix all FHI releases (never knew if they did). In 1990 and 1991, Unifier calls the boards a lot with his new modem. He has earlier been the co-sysop for CENSOR's board "Attraction", and he is now happy to be a co-sysop for Exalt of ANTIC's BBS "Warez Station". Jordan of Antic also has a board, called "The Subway", which supports ANTIC and FLASH INC. In 1995, Morpheus becomes the co-sysop for FAIRLIGHT's BBS "Future Zone". Unfortunately the sysop Spirou gets lazy and so the board is down within a couple of months.

Fame Rises in the Flash Camp

At the last HORIZON party in the spring of 1991, FLASH competes with a party demo called "The Legacy". By now, Morpheus' and Unifier's old pal The Spy has teamed up with the group. Despite the problems with some Norwegian groups, the demo gets a great response and ends up as number two in the competition. This demo features a raster vector and some border vector balls, and the design and graphical side of things is getting better and better, with help from Morpheus who now shows his hidden talent. It's at this point FLASH INC, HotShot and several of the members gets to top three positions in the mag-charts. There are also a couple of interviews made with the members in various mags.

Tour de Europe

Morpheus and The Spy are hungry for adventure so they go out on a trip all over Europe in the summer of 1991, to visit their closest contacts on a more social level. One of the highlights being when the boys enter the hall where the in-famous Venlo meeting is held. In August, they do a coop demo called "Avenza Demo" with their Italian friends Zagor & Zoris of THE FORCE (later in FLASH).

When they come home, all their stories are told in a well-designed demo known as "Tour De Europe".

Falköping Meeting V2 = Legacy Part 2

It's now October 1991, and time for a meeting in Falköping with some heavy demo making going on. Zodiac, Morpheus and Unifier team up to finish "Legacy part II - In Search For Fame And Fortune" - one of FHI's most respected demos, even today. It has more graphics (including a picture by new member Creeper) and design than ever before, and the code includes action fields, texture mapped vectors, more all-border vector plotters, star balls, vector globes and some AFLI things.

The Second Cooperation Demo

Creeper now makes a coop demo with his friend Tron from FAIRLIGHT. It's called "Sumpan kixx" and it uses the famous FLT-intro, making FLASH proud there for a moment. Also, FHI has the chance to make a coop with PRETZEL LOGIC, but something goes wrong along the way. Another coop demo that only reaches the planning stadium is the one to be released by Crept/FHI & Bjorn Rostoen/PANORAMIC. Today, you can still see the guys tearing their hair and showing grin faces because the demos never were released.

At the yearly party "The Party" in Denmark in December 1991, FLASH releases "We Love Olav", a result of the "war" with PANORAMIC and some other Norwegian groups. Dense of HYSTERIC thinks this demo is great, so the guys plan to make a sequel called "We Love II - Dense In Egypt", but the coder (remains unnamed) gets lazy, so it's never finished.

Flash Inc. Three Years Old

"Prometheus Unbound" is released in October 1992 and it's probably one of the best demos ever released on the C64. In this demo, the boys celebrate Sweden and the Swedish ice-hockey team after the victory in the World Championship. Who can forget all those Swedish flags, appearing in every second part!? But all the hard work leave the guys tired of producing demos, mainly because of the big time they have sacrificed.

By now, the group has quite a backlog of good demos that not everyone in the scene has seen. Therefore, the two discside demo compilation "FHI Classics" is produced by The Spy, by collecting parts from "Summer Code II" to "Legacy part II - In Search For Fame And Fortune". Creeper now also releases a graphics collection called "Creep-show", with a whole discside of FLI and Koala pictures.

A Drastic Turn Hits the Group

After this, Creeper and Unifier leave the group within one month of each other. Creeper joins ANTIC, and Unifier joins SPIRIT. The other guys are bored with the scene and do other things than producing demos for a couple of years. Only The Spy keeps up some small scale swapping.

The Welcomed Return

Then in the summer of 1995, the comeback demo "Still Crusin'" is released. It's a small demo, with a lot of text by Morpheus and The Spy about their thoughts, ideas and career both in the scene and in real life.

We can reveal that the boys are currently working on a few productions, but no one really knows when they will be released. Today the group situation looks like this: they have a lot of different things to do besides the C64 like playing music, work, studying and being the chairman at the local shooting club. This makes their computing time very limited.

But they'll keep on doing this, 'cause you know: they are gonna stay here forever!!

And the guys would like to remind you: See you in Domus and don't be late!

Member List

Here are our all-time members, the member lists from different demos, and some lists of people that showed up at our meetings. So far Flash Inc have had members from six different countries. The only member that has always been in the group right from the start is Zodiac, but both Morpheus and Moon joined in 1989 and then never left.


(also HYSTERIC) Germany

Blaster (ex-PHENOMENA) Sweden

Bumboo (ex-JAM) Sweden

Chorus (ex-TRIAD) Sweden

Creeper (ex-DEATHSECTOR) Sweden

Crept (ex-NETWORK) Norway

Dexion (ex-WOW) Norway..first non-Swede in FLASH

Dwarf (ex-UNIT 5) Sweden

Epsilon (ex-ZONE 45) Sweden

Flame (ex-REDLINE 2000) Sweden

Francois Prijt (also AUDIAL ARTS) The Netherlands

Fresh Prince (ex-LIGHT) Sweden

Gryzor (ex-REDLINE 2000) Sweden

Guts (ex-REDLINE 2000) Sweden

Kwon (ex-ADROIT) Denmark

Lubber (ex-PADUA) Germany

Macho/Decay (ex-LEVEL 11) Sweden

Metal (also SACRED NOISE) Denmark

Mnemoth (ex-ALLIANCE) Sweden

Moon (ex-PHENOMENA) Sweden

Morpheus (ex-ZONE 45) Sweden

Mr. Chain (ex-REDLINE 2000) Sweden

Neon (ex-FASHION) Norway

Nova (ex-SKULLS) Sweden

Parker (ex-ALLIANCE) Sweden

Public Enemy (ex-ACTION) Germany

Quax (ex-??) Sweden

Rodney Balai (also AUDIAL ARTS) The Netherlands

Ronny Pasch (also AUDIAL ARTS) The Netherlands

Scorp (ex-HITMEN) The Netherlands

Scorpio (ex-ALPHA FLIGHT 1970) Sweden

Shade (ex-CONTRAST DESIGNS) Sweden

Sharp (ex-REDLINE 2000) Sweden

Sodapop (ex-LEVEL 11) Sweden

Softmaster (also AUDIAL ARTS) The Netherlands

The Crusader (ex-REDLINE 2000) Sweden

The Spy (ex-ALPHA FLIGHT 1970) Sweden

Unifier (ex-CENSOR DESIGN) Sweden

Warp 8 (ex-REFLEX) Germany

Wisch (ex-SALEZAR) Sweden

Zagor (ex-THE FORCE) Italy

Zodiac (ex-REDLINE 2000 )Sweden

Zoris (ex-THE FORCE) Italy

Member List from Demos


Flame, Gryzor, Guts, Mr. Chain, Sharp, Zodiac.

Flame, Gryzor, Guts, Mr. Chain, Sharp, The Crusader (ex-REDLINE 2000), Zodiac.

Dexion (ex-WOW), Flame, Gryzor, Guts, Mnemoth (ex-ALLIANCE), Mr. Chain, Nova (ex-SKULLS), Parker (ex-ALLIANCE), Quax (ex-??), Sharp, The Crusader, Zodiac.

Dexion, Dwarf (ex-UNIT 5), Guts, Mnemoth, Mr. Chain, Neon (ex-FASHION), Nova, Parker, Sharp, Zodiac.

Dexion, Dwarf, Epsilon (ex-ZONE 45), Moon (ex-PHENOMENA), Morpheus (ex-ZONE 45), Nova, Parker, Sharp, Zodiac.

Blaster (ex-PHENOMENA), Dexion, Dwarf, Epsilon, Moon, Morpheus, Nova, Sharp, Zodiac.

Blaster, Dexion, Epsilon, Moon, Morpheus, Nova, Sharp, Zodiac.

Blaster, Dexion, Epsilon, Kwon (ex-ADROIT), Moon, Morpheus, Sharp, Wisch (ex-SALEZAR), Zodiac.

Blaster, Crept (ex-NETWORK), Dexion, Epsilon, Kwon, Moon, Morpheus, Public Enemy (ex-ACTION), Sharp, Wisch, Zodiac.

(Kwon joined BONZAI.)

Blaster, Chorus (ex-TRIAD), Crept, Dexion, Epsilon, Moon, Morpheus, Nova (rejoined from SCIENCE 451), Public Enemy, Sharp, Unifier (ex-CENSOR DESIGN), Wisch, Zodiac.

Blaster, Chorus, Crept, Dexion, Epsilon, Moon, Morpheus, Nova, Public Enemy, Sharp, Unifier, Wisch, Zodiac.

(Chorus rejoined TRIAD.)

Crept, Epsilon, Macho (ex-LEVEL 11), Moon, Morpheus, Nova, Public Enemy, Sharp, Sodapop (ex-LEVEL 11), The Spy (ex-ALPHA FLIGHT 1970), Unifier, Wisch, Zodiac.

Creeper (ex-DEATHSECTOR), Crept, Moon, Morpheus, Rodney Balai (also in AUDIAL ARTS), Ronny Pasch (also in AUDIAL ARTS), Scorp (ex-HITMEN), Sodapop, The Spy, Unifier, Zodiac.

(Sodapop joined FAIRLIGHT.)

Aslive (also in HYSTERIC), Creeper, Crept, Lubber (ex-PADUA), Metal (also in SACRED NOISE), Moon, Morpheus, Shade (ex-CONTRAST DESIGNS), The Spy, Unifier, Zagor (ex-THE FORCE), Zodiac, Zoris (ex-THE FORCE).

(Unifier joined SPIRIT. Creeper joined ANTIC. Metal joined CAMELOT.)

Lubber, Moon, Morpheus, The Spy, Warp 8 (ex-REFLEX), Zodiac.


Falköping meeting v1
(the making of "Summer Code III"): Flame, Gryzor, Mr. Chain, Quax, Zodiac.

Falköping meeting v2
(the making of "Legacy Part II - In Search For Fame And Fortune"): Morpheus, Unifier, Zodiac.

TYRESÖ meeting v1
(where we should have finished "Prometheus Unbound", but actually failed..): Creeper, Jordan of ANTIC, Metal Maniac of DUAL CREW, Moon, Morpheus, Shade, The Spy, Unifier, Zodiac.

Story written by: Morpheus & Unifier of Flash Inc.
Source: Flash Inc.'s homepage

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