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The story of The Force

It all began many years ago. In ’84 or in ’85 when the games in that year cracked & imported by some groups in Israel. In that period most of the them were unarranged and consisted only few decent coders and crackers. The most important groups creating the Israeli scene were: The Rage, The Israeli Team (T.I.T), The Force, The Thing, Tape Cracking Service (T.C.S.) and The Micro G (T.M.G.).

The groups were more or less equal and they mostly imported "new" games to Israel and sometimes cracked lame games. The Force was born in ’83 or ’84 but they declare themselves as a group in ’85. In 1987 a guy called ‘Danny Bouzaglo’ from The Micro G (TMG) joined ‘The Force ‘ and the members of the ‘Thing’ joined aswell and they all reunited to one group "The Force".

The member status looked like that : Danny b. (the leader) Kobi&Nadav, Arie M., Itamar E., Hagay Z., Ofer A., Guy Shavit & Guy M., soon they became the number 1 c64 group in Israel and started to release brilliant demos, nice cracks and of course lots of imported games which came from Europe.

In 1989 they released a nice demo called "bigger than life" which showed nice coding and cool tunes from "Anonymous" guy called ‘Guy Shavit’ after some cool products the Force were splitted into 2 small groups: Twisted Design & Sidchip Scratchers (SCS).

In 1990 The Force shocked brutally the whole C-64 scene by smashing demo called "Vector Victory" which feautured the first time new fast vectors and outstanding music by Guy Shavit/SCS. This demo broke new limits and since than ‘Nir Pedhazur’ - the coder got a hall of a credit for his new routine and brought this demo for winning. No doubt this demo is still one of the strongest unforgettable demo’s.

In late ’90 DB (Danny B.) formed two abroad sections of The Force: in Italy & Australia. The Force got stronger than ever. The Force (Italy) were the following members: Gabriel, Gi909, Ximos, Exat, Zoris& Zagor. The Aussi section was built by: Razor, Psycho, Insane, Vengeance, Tektronix and Dr.Detroit. The Force group was considered like a big family. (In this period there was a Hungarian section led by Captain Tas. They released a magazine called Foleny, some cracks and nice demos. -Jean)

In ’91 The Force was a group which consisted a Graphics Label called: ‘Air Design’ (Zoris, Zagor, Viny and Exat) and Music Label: Sidchip Scratchers (SCS) which was formed by Guy Shavit & Danny B. While Sivan and Eyal bar-tzvi were active for a short time and than they left the team and let Guy Shavit to be the only musician. The Force were active and released cool products (Air Design released ‘viny view’ & ‘AD show’).

In 1992 Air Design made a Boxing game with Guy Shavit's tunes under Simulendo Team (eh..funny!). SCS released a lot of music for demos, mags & games. I still remember the cool tunes Guy S. made for the demo "Big Time" for Triumwyrat’. The Aussi division supported with cool mag’s: Vandalism News & Code mag. The Force (Israel) kept cracking&importing a lot of stuff when Danny b. freshened the group with new talented boys among them: ‘Mysterio’, Micheal S.’, ’Ronney’, ‘Yariv’ and ofcourse me (The Dr.J) who joined the forces of The Force in late ’90 from my ex-group Hotshot.

In ’93 (I think) the cool Aussi division released the demo "10 years gone’" to remind all the scene, that ‘The Force’ was the oldest group ever (even older then the great legends Triad, Fairlight, Ikari, Dynamic Duo, Genesis Project)

In ’94 the legend of ‘The Force’ died peacefully as DB & Dr.J moved to Motivate and Guy s. + Nir P. stopped all their activities. Unfortunately our so promised demo ‘Vulcano’ didn't see the light yet and I don't think it would ever be released.

Story written by: Dr.J of The Force
Source: The Force's homepage

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