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Interview with of (Zoltai Gergely) Clarence of Graffity

What is your alias? If you find the story interesting, then let us know how you came up with it?

My scene-alias is Clarence. At the beginning when I joined up in my first real scene group I searched for a nick name. I found this name in a TV program magazine (by coincidence) as a title of a film-serie. Although I never seen any part of that serie I chosen it's title as my nickname, because I liked it. Anyway it's a normal english male firstname.

Have you changed handles? If so, give us the reason(s) and your previous nickname(s)!

No, I've never changed my name.

When and where were you born and where do you live now?

I was born on 13.05.1975 in Budapest. Since then I live in the capital of Hungary (Budapest).

When did you get your first computer and which computers do/did you own? When did you get your C64?

Around 1985-86 my father bought for the family a C64. Then around 1990 it became my own machine, coz my father bought a PC for himself. I also had an Amiga 600, then an Amiga 1200 and a 286 PC AT. Now I have two C64 and a Pentium by upgrading from year to year my old 286 machine.

How did you get to know the scene? Who was your first contact (person you knew) on the scene?

Phew... I have to dig deep in my memory. I got it! The first scene person I knew was Calumet of Cadgers. Actually he was a classmate of mine in secondary school.

Describe your scene career, including all groups you have been a member of! Keep chronological order please!

From the beginning of 1992 to the middle of 1993 I was a member of Cadgers, then I built up a new group called Chorus. Finally I joined up in early 1996 with Graffity Produkt. All my groups were/are mainly legal demo groups.

Which scene do/did you consider best and why? If you have been only on the C64, then give us the reason(s)!

I have been only on the C64 scene. When it was a 'fashion' around 1992-1993 to leave the C64 scene for the Amiga or PC scene, I also started to check those scenes, what they are all about (I checked all demos, disk-magazines), but I found the Amiga, even more the PC scene very different. Both impressed me in a negative way. Every single scener who left C64 for Amiga/PC got forgotten on those scenes, although they were great on the C64. Now in 1997 I don't feel any desire to join the Amiga or PC scene. I don't know why, but I feel myself too old to start it over again. And I always consider demo writing to be a hobby, what I enjoy to do. And I still find C64 demo coding to be an enjoyable challenge. Even if it's much more hard to do demos now than some years ago, I still like to do it and I really do not need anything else!

What do you think you gained by being a member of the scene?

A lot of good friends, memories I will never forget, maybe a few enemies (I don't know them). And a big part of my English language knowledge (I learned a lot from demo scrolltexts and diskmagazines).

What do you consider lost, wasted or meaningless during the years you have spent on the scene?

My scene activities really effected bad results in my school carrier. A lot of my spare time get lost. You know there's never enough spare time for everything you want to do.

What is/are/was/were your main interest(s)/function(s)?

My main intersts are the demos (it's obvious) and everything surrounding the legal side of the scene (fe. parties, disk magazines, groups). I'm firstly a coder. Sometimes I draw gfx, if I'm in the mood. And long time ago I made senseless trainers for games (some call it 'cracking'), and I used to be a mail-trader too for a few years.

What made you start doing graphics/composing/swapping/coding/modem trading organising or whatever you did?

At first there was the computer infront of me. It really disturbed me that I don't know anything about it, how does it work, how in the hell managed a lot of people to create those wonderfull programs on it. So it inspirated me to learn more about basic or later the asm language, to get know of the meaning of everything connected to programming. To create 'graphics' was a need when I made my first demos (I had nobody to help me with that). I started to swap to know the scene and it's members better.

What are/were your greatest successes/fiascos?

Greatest successes... well, maybe those 3 democompos we won in Cadgers and Chorus, and that we were more and more respected by the other sceners (reflected in the diskmag charts too).

Greatest fiascos... maybe Cadgers's death by some senseless internal troubles.

Was there any special connection between you/your group and some other people/groups on the scene (co-operation, war, friendship etc.)? If so, what made it start and stop?

I/my groups was/were and am/are in a good friendship with lots of other peoples/groups. Worth to mention two co-operation demos by Cadgers and Pride. Later I made a lot of demo parts with Ollie/Pride in Cadgers, Chorus and Graffity (he drew gfxs, I made the routines).

Wars? Well, I always did hate those stupid wars, but once we were in a little disagreement with the hungarian demo group Trias, because one of our member claimed that one of Trias's coders did ripped a d011 raster routine one-by-one from and old Crest demo. But that's all over now! There still are 2 similar happenings with other groups in my memory, but those were much smaller things, not worth to mention.

Have you attended parties? Tell us about your favourite conferences? You can even mention some fiascos.

Yes, I did. I try to list them all.

In 1991: Soc Brigade/23 Celsius Party in Kecskemet/Hungary, Majic 12 party in Sopron/Hungary

in 1992: Trias+Genius party in Debrecen/Hungary, Faces+Headway party in Szeged/Hungary, Faces+Abandoneds party in Salgotarjan/Hungary

in 1993: Forum party (Muffbusters) in ???/Hungary, Fun Factory+Uniform Systems party in Varpalota/Hungary, Faces+Headway party II in Szeged/Hungary

in 1994: Hammering'94 party in Budapest/Hungary, Fun Factory party in Szekesfehervar/Hungary, Total Boozed Sceners (TBS) party in Szolnok/Hungary, Exile party in Budapest/Hungary

in 1995: Scenest'95 in Budapest/Hungary, Faces winter party in Budapest/Hungary

in 1996: Scenest'96 in Budapest/Hungary, Flag Party in Budapest/Hungary, Pie Slice party in Budapest/Hungary, The Party 1996 in Aars/Denmark

in 1997: Scenest'97 in Budapest/Hungary, Amiganica Hungarica party in Budapest/Hungary.

Maybe I missed some, but I think that's all.

The worst party (without any doubts) was the TBS party in 1994, when every party attenders was kicked out from the place for the whole night, and we had to sleep on the street. What a shit organization!

The best was the Fun Factory party also in 1994. Good atmosphere and good memories (esp. wild compos).

Is/was there any special feeling in your crew, something more than just being in a group?

Now I'm in Graffity. Maybe we are the oldest demo group in Hungary still doing some C64 scene activity. Graffity is a legend I think.

What were your favourite groups/artists/coders/productions? Why do/did you like their work/these programs?

I always liked demo productions which are showing always something different, new or more. Not just repeating routines the same way you have already seen by others. Also a demo can impress me if it includes brilliant graphics or unforgettable sounds... It's easy to test yourself if you liked a demo or not: if you just can't stop watching it over and over again then it surely impressed you! It's hard to list them all, but I'll try to say a few examples.

Demo groups: Crest, Origo Dreamline, Light, Camelot, Beyond Force, Triangle, Horizon, Nato, Spirit and maybe some more.

Coder: Crossbow of Crest, BX of Origo, Cruzer of Camelot, Gremlin and Solomon of Beyond Force, Kjer of Horizon, Maduplec of Nato, Graham of Oxyron etc.

Artist: Compyx of Focus, Hein Holt of Black Mail, Gizzmo of Genesis Project, TCH of Brutal and a lot more.

Composer: Jeroen Tel, Danko of ???, Guy Shavitt of SCS, Mixer and Zardax of Origo, Mitch'n'Dane and Drax of Crest etc...

Production: Ice Cream Castle,Avantgarde,Krestage 1-2 and a lot more/Crest, TUD and 1 year Camelot/Camelot, Brutal 2-3 and My oh my!/Light, Dutch Breeze/Blackmail, Dawnfall/Oxyron, Elysion/Origo, Spiritual Dreams and Tales of Mystery/Spirit, and a lot more...

What is your profession? What do you do for a living? Does it have to do anything with computers? Is there anything you do in real-life that is similar to what you have been doing on the scene?

I still study, although I graduated and I'm an informatics engineer. Sometimes I have to make programs as half year works for my studies. Maybe that's a bit similar to my scene activities.

How did your attitude towards computers change during the years?

I don't take computers that serious when I started my computer activities.

What do you like doing in your spare-time when not computing? What is/are your hobby(ies)?

A lot of thigs... going out with friends, listening musics, riding my bicycle, going to cinema, watch tv, driving car etc.

Are there moments when you feel nostalgic thinking back to the past years of the scene? If so what do you do when it happens?

Yes. If I think of those old pals, who were a part of the scene and now I don't know what happened/happens with them.

What are your plans for the near/far future?

Nothing special.

What is your goal in life? What would you like to achieve?

A lot of things. There's too less space to write about them.

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