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The story of Sixth Sense, Internal Affairs, HeatWave

The story of HeatWave started a long time ago in the Carneoolstraat in Leiden/Holland, where Hires lived, and still lives. This was in the beginning of the Commodore 64's glory day's. He and a friend in his street, Herion, started a little group called Compy Software Leiden/Compy Cracking Service (CSL/CCS). The group didn't really do anything besides re-crack a lot of stuff. Then Hires' cousin, Mad B (now Youth) joined and started to practise coding. Besides re-cracks, Compy was starting demo-coding, although luckily nobody probably ever saw these demo's because we weren't in any contact with the scene. Then Bas joined as a coder and we decided to change the name to Sixth Sense. Querexes joined as a graphician, and Wido (yes, the infamous Wido) as a swapper.

We were lucky that the HQ of MadSquad (later Bros and Paninaro) was a few streets away, because they introduced to us the phenomenon of Venlo meetings. Even though he became public lamer #1, we have to give credit to Wido for doing one hell of a job swapping, and putting us in the scene back then. We kicked him out anyway... :)

In course of time, The Sixth Sense fell apart and our members were spread out over various groups like TRC, WWE, Hitmen and Digital Arts. It didn't take long though to realize we had much more fun when we were a group of people that all knew each other and lived in the same neighbourhood, so we got back together to form Internal Affairs, which we later renamed to HeatWave.

Members at that point were Mad B (now Youth), Trooper (now Yavin), Bas and Hires. After we released the demo Eddies Adventure at X91, we quit altogether. While we were gone, Mad B and Trooper continued their music-hobby and in 1995 felt it was time to make a come-back, this time as a music group. They changed their names to Youth and Yavin. Then a guy in Yavin's class in a school in The Hague, told him one day he had ripped a great tune from a game on his c64 ... which turned out to be our (Youth & Yavin's) introtune from the game "Adrenalin". The guy changed his handle to Yanic and joined the team.

Story written by: Someone of Heatwave
Source: Heatwave's homepage

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