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The story of Hitmen

Back in 1989 Jihad and Curlin (at that time called Accu) have been members of Action... While Curlin left Action and joined Vision after he got into troubles with Spitfire/Action for some reason, Jihad still continued doing finest Quality cracks for Action.

After a short time also Jihad was unhappy in Action, because of Spitfire's behaviour, so he wanted to teach him a lesson. Hitmen was born, with Jihad still being the main cracker in Action so we also got the newest originals available in Germany. Jihad was acting under the handle of The Barrel for Hitmen, Curlin was spreading the Hitmen wares as a freelancer these days, after a short while people were questioning who Hitmen was... Also Spitfire was getting mad as Hitmen was nearly as fast as Action and even did better versions.

After a short time Jihad and Curlin joined Hitmen under their real handle. At that time also Twist was working for us. We became more successful and bigger. Now we are trying to give you a list of people who have been in Hitmen in the glorious times and what they are doing nowadays.

List of members ever

Alfatech: Actually he is in Censor and programming for FUNCOM

Scorp: joined Flash Inc. in the end

Francois Prijt: still doing musics


Ice: Never heard of again

Curse: Never heard of again

Nightshade: a member of TRC*SCS

Ghost: Never heard of again

TWF: Stopped computing

Def Squad: Followed TWF

Thunder: He is doing GFX on other systems

Elektor: Stopped computing

Cevin: Stopped computing

Cruise: Stopped computing

Death: Still doing GFX on other systems

Rough: Is a member of Chromance

Tom: Lost interest

Airwolf: Is interested in making a comeback

Misfit: Currently in WOW, but probably a Hitmen member again soon

Stanze: Dropped computing due to lack of interest

Mason: Our only paymember, CitiBank administrator ;)

Gilius: Stopped computing due to lack of time

...and probably some more dudes we don't really remember at the moment..sorry..

Hitmen dissolved in the spring of 1993. After Jihad got his PC and lost interest in programming C64 stuff a bit earlier, the group was continued by Curlin and Racoon, until they also lost interest in that sort of things. Many guys tried to take over our fame and glory by stealing our name, and even some former members popped up, saying they would rebuild the original Hitmen posse. Naturally they failed.

The original Hitmen staff finally decided to rebuild the group and kick ass again while visiting a local pub. The rest is to be read in the mags of your choice...

Story written by: Seven of Hitmen
Source: Hitmen's homepage

Groups Stories Photos Interviews Articles Parties

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