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The Story of Megastyle Inc./Prod.

Megastyle Incorporated was founded by Mao, Napoleon and Cobra the 1 September 1988. Mao and Napoleon left their previous group, Split Personalities, whilst Cobra was an independent freak and good friend who was allowed to join in from the very start. The same day the debut demo was released, called "We are Norwegian".

After a short period two more people joined, Predator T B and Hawker T R. A couple of demos were produced during this time (September to November), namely: "Poemz", "Economic", "Ram it Down" and "Kontaktlinse".

In November/December something happened that was to change the entire future of the Megastyle crew. After 2 years of war, the infamous Scroll (previous Stubbscroll of RSW and Pyton) from northern Brønnøysund, who recently has proved himself as an excellent coder, and the earlier Split Personalities members from southern Brønnøysund, Mao and Napoleon, buried the hatch. Scroll and Ruzz were invited to do a cooperation demo with Megastyle, called "Brothers in Arms". After that, a sub-group of Megastyle was formed, called New Hellmates, with the following members: Scroll, Ruzz, Hawker T R (New Hellmates' "link" to Megastyle), Am-Run, Gentle Fox, Stripe and Yiare. It was decided shortly after that, however, that New Hellmates should cease to exist, that all the members should be real Megastyle members. Of course, the "leader" of New Hellmates, Hawker, didn't inform the other members about the changes. Instead, Hawker acted as a lamer. He changed the texts of the demoparts the other members (mostly Scroll) gave him, thus giving the Megastyle members the impression that Hawker was very talented indeed. Instead, he proved his inability as a leader. He didn't tell the other members that the sub-group became a real part of Megastyle, they continued to program parts and demos under the New Hellmates label. Thanks to Hawker, those demos weren't spread either.

But things were soon cleared up as it was time for the first Megastyle meeting in January 1989! The members became aware that they were all in the same group, with full rights and contact with other Megastyle members. During this meeting we produced a demo which should bring us high up in the c64 hall of fame. Scroll unleashed his coding potential, and did in fact code 10 of the 11 parts of the demo called "Brainstorm". During that time, most members changed their name. Mao changed name into Crockett, Napoleon into Sleepwalker, Predator into Rage, Ruzz into Sparkler, Cobra into Brooz, and Stripe into Inzane. Soon Yiare, Gentle Fox and Am-Run (a person only Hawker had contact with, none of the other Megastyle members ever knew who he was) left Megastyle.

Right after the meeting we started to program the successor, "Brainstorm 2". Just a very short period after the first meeting, we held another meeting (in March I think), where we initially planned to finish "Brainstorm 2". We also held a very funny game-competition on that meeting, where the infamous battle between Scroll and Rage in the game Eliminator was supposed to hold place. The memorization of vital sequences of numbers needed to complete the game, was to influence our demo programming and scrolltext writing for months to come. Who doesn't remember our infamous text style from that time ("You 34243412224343143 unman from hell etc)?

Well, the game competition was cancelled after two Amiga games, before we ever reached the long awaited battle in the game Eliminator. We didn't finish too many parts of "Brainstorm 2" either, the demo wasn't finished until some months later, in the beginning of May 1989. During this time, Sleepwalker had problems with his Commodore 128D disk drive, so the part he coded for "Brainstorm 2" was the last one he did for Megastyle, now Scroll took over as the only coder while Sleepwalker spent more time in front of his Amiga. "Brainstorm 2" bore marks of the time pressure we had the days before the release, as the two last parts were among the shittiest ones in that demo.

Around May 1989 we finally decided to go to the Abnormal/Hoaxers/Network/Razor party in Trondheim, and so we had to do another demo before the middle of June! It was a very hard time, but we managed to finish a demo, somewhat small, but nevertheless it was still a good demo. It was called "Brainstorm 3". It was the most stylish and polished demo up to date, with smooth music fading in every part, and with more graphics instead of those DYCP's and raster bars. In fact, the demo didn't contain a single raster bar! We earned a second place in the demo competition at the party. Unfortunately, the two persons who almost did the demo themselves, Scroll and Sparkler, were stuck on a holiday on Sleneset and couldn't attend to the party. Crockett, Brooz and Rage had the honour to represent Megastyle on the party. On the party we met Walter Konrad of Double Density, and he was interested in having us program games for them.

Story written by: Ruben Spaans a.k.a. Scroll of Megastyle
Source: Megastyle's homepage

Groups Stories Photos Interviews Articles Parties

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