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The story of Role

April 1989, Role was born. I, CMR and Knightrider build Role. In that time I was called TBG. To build the group Role was my idea, but the name Role was found by Knightrider and me. In the beginning the group was very little and all members were living in Belgium.

Role is the short name for "Raiders of the Lost Empire". The first members of Role were : TBG, Knightrider, JGS, TCB, Iceman, Slimer and TLF. they could be called the first generation. Iceman and TLF left Role.

The second generation of Role were new members like: Fezzy, Shot808, TPW, MTS and Clouseau. Then Role became international end 1989-beginning 1990. 8 members of Australia, 1 member of Germany and Holland, a few more Belgians joined Role.

In this beginning of 1990, Alf of Role started coding a diskmag for Role which was going to be released as Rock'n Role. In May 1990 Role released a demo called "Look at Me". The demo-parts were coded by several guys of Role. In the mean time Shot808 of Role changed his name into Dash.

In June 1990 Witty of Role (Australia) had made a lot of mistakes by giving wrong information which was fatal for a lot of other Australian Role-members, because the decision was already taken by Role HQ on advice of Witty to kick some Australian Role-members who were talking shit about Role. After a while Witty wrote back that all was a mistake and the kicked members weren't bad at all. But it was to late already. They were kicked and i had decided so. The whole scene knew about the guys who were kicked. Witty made a disaster together with his ripped graphics (in that time, not now). The kicked Australian guys were : Grump, Stalker, Annihilator, Terminator-x and Doctor. Only a few Australian members stayed because they had only contact with the Role HQ in Belgium, not with Witty. These very big and fatal (for innocent guys) mistakes from Witty brought me to decide to kick Witty out of Role in September 1990.

This is history, so don't blame Witty now for mistakes in the past. Witty had always said that he wasn't kicked out of Role, but he left Role. The real truth is that i kicked him because of the mistakes I've told you now. I think every leader of a group would react like me with such a big mistake, but let the past about that rest in peace. everybody learns from the past.

Also in June 1990 I changed my name into Commander (CMR) and JGS of Role left the scene.

In July 1990 Nomad (Australia) of TGK joined our group. Sid left Role to join WOW. Jyse of TBB and Savage of Ionix joined Role. The kicked Role-members in Australia formed a new group Pure. On July 14th 1990, the Role memberstatus looked like this : CMR, Knightrider, Alf (ex-acid-crew), Apollo (ex-legend), Dash (ex-Cos), Radion (ex-Atrix), Scorpio, Fezzy (ex-Front 64), MTS (ex-the Lightship), Iceman (ex-PCG), TCB, Slimer (ex-lom), Sae & c, Vulgarik (ex-Acid-Crew), TPW (ex-Timelords), Pcnos, Goldman, Mos, Savage (ex-ionix), the Executer (also in x-out), Jyse (ex-TBB), zap (ex-acid-crew), Nomad (ex-TGK), Budhist Brother (ex-KCT), Witty (ex-kct, kicked in September 1990), The Quacker (ex-KCT) and the tech. a lot of members.

In August 1990, Executer left Role to join Holocaust. Two Belgian Role members joined F4CG under another name, because nobody would know that some members of Role (according to F4CG, Role was a shame for the elite) joined F4CG. The Role-members in that month were CMR, Fezzy, Knightrider, MTS, Alf, zap, Iceman, Apollo, TCB, Dash, Slimer, Mos, Radion, Sae & c, Scorpio, Vulgarik, TPW, Goldman, Witty, Druid (Australia), Budhist Brother, Nomad, Quacker, the tech, Savage and Jyse.

September 1990 was a bad time for Fezzy of Role. Role kicked out Fezzy because he ripped demo-parts and other codings. Role couldn't have something like that. Iceman and Slimer left the scene. Slammer, Yankee, slash and Joe joined Role. Radion left the 64 for Amiga.

In November 1990, Savage left Role. Boa and War (ex-energy) joined Role. Gazza of TAT joined Role, but he also stayed in TAT. Nomad and The Tech, both from Australia left Role. Nomad joined Oxygen. Joe of Role changed his name into Kamikaze Joe.

At the end of 1990 The Tech (Australia) left Role. Badbreath and Uncle-x (both ex-UTC), SkySurfer (ex-tcd), Mendrake (ex-Raisers), the Unholy (ex-Demonix, Canada) and Lotus joined Role. Goldman left the scene.

In the beginning of 1991 our diskmag Rock'n Role got a new outfit which was surprising a lot of guys. Slammer left Role to join Turtles (strange...). Knightrider left Role because of short in time. The cops visited MTS of Role, but nothing happened. he was already Warned in time. The papermag HEADLINE NEWS which was done by CMR during the last months of 1990, has been taken over by War of Role. Dash left Role to join F4CG (he later rejoined Role).

On January 19th 1991, the members of Role were : CMR, slash, MTS, Sae & c, War, Vulgarik, Alf, SkySurfer, TPW, Lotus, TCB, Scipio, Apollo, Scorpio, Mos. Mendrake, Kamikaze Joe, Gazza, Droopy, Quacker, Budhist Brother, Druid, Yankee Supreme, the Unholy, Toco, Jyse, zap, Badbreath, Uncle-x and Boa.

In February 1991, we could use pictures in our diskmag Rock'n Role. Uncle-x left Role to join Centauri. Yankee Supreme and Droopy left Role. Budgie and black hawk (Canada) joined Role. Black Hawk changed his handle into Bald Eagle.

In March 1991, Gambler (ex-gsc), Scorelord, public enemy (ex-ua) and Axe (ex-duel) joined Role. Scorpio and Lotus left the scene. In the mean while the group Pure, build by the kicked Australian members, died.

TPW of Role left in April 1991. Dark Angel of EMF joined Role. Druid of Role joined Creation and Sae & C left Role. Toy joined Role. Mega Madness, a diskmag by Mendrake of Role, is Role's 2nd diskmag.

May 1991 was a busy period for Role. those guys left Role : Mos, Apollo, Kamikaze Joe, Budhist Brother, Public Enemy (who joined Noice) and Mendrake. also the diskmag Mega Madness was lost for Role, because Mendrake was the main editor.

In July 1991, our diskmag Rock'n Role #15 had finally the first digitised pictures. Quacker of Role left the scene because he was caught by the Australian police on tapping the phone from his neighbours. Also Scorelord left the scene together with the Unholy. Phobia joined Role. Then Role made a big jump when Ice-t joined. He was a very good talented coder, he made a lot of new routines. Gazza left Role and TAT for the famous group Hotline, which died in the same year. Mendrake (ex-Role) build Acrise, so the diskmag Mega Madness would be released under the Acrise-label. War of Role renamed into Luke Skywalker.

August 1991 : dr.Nash of Proxyon joined Role. He has the look of Jesus Christ. He changed his handle into Guzzler. Yazoo of Gloom joined Role. He renamed into Rawhead. The memberstatus of Role on August 6th 1991 : CMR, MTS, Alf, TCB, Vulgarik, slash, Luke Skywalker, Scipio, SkySurfer, Axe, Dark Angel, Toy, Corax, Ice-t, zap, Jyse, Boa, Toco, Gambler, Identic, Forelock, Phobia, Guzzler, Bald Eagle, Boz, Michael, Chris and Rawhead.

In September 1991, slash of Role joined WOW. Michael and Chris left Role to join Mirage. Bald Eagle left also. Mumm-Ra and Demon joined Role. Luke Skywalker renamed himself again into War. Role re-opened the Amiga-section.

In November 1991 Rawhead left Role and changed his name into Yazoo again. He rebuild his old group Gloom. In this time i began to get into serious money-problems.

In the beginning of 1992 i got into real money-problems. Our diskmag Rock'n Role #18 would be the last issue for a long time because of the big inactivity of me and Role. during the difficult period of 1992, WOW asked me to organise their group, because they had organising-problems. I agree and helped WOW for a while.

When 1993 started, Role went little by little active again.

November 29th 1993, the memberslist of Role looked like this : CMR, Ice-t, Dash, Gold, Dennis and Kirk.

In 1994 Role released again cracks and demos (like Rot-n-Role).

In the beginning of 1995, Simple joined Role as a swapper. Then also Dojo and Beaty joined Role.

In the middle of 1995, some Polish and German guys joined Role. those were : Sniper, Tex, Swayze and Heavy 01.

In July 1995, we released again our diskmag Rock'n Role (#19) after a delay of a few years. Sorex of WOW joined Role, but he stayed also in WOW. Dennis of Role became a father of a son. Trapaudax joined Role together with his Board 'Cry in Agony'. Angeldust joined Role as a swapper and grafician. VIP left Role because of school, but he rejoined later. The scene was too important for him. Dash of Role went to Amiga and changed his name to "G". now Role has again 2 Australian members. they are : Dream and Gaxar. Ice-t of Role changed his handle into Drakkanor.

At the end of 1995, Simple left Role for Fairlight. Smokey, a Dutch coder, joined Role.

In the beginning of 1996, the brother of Heavy 01 joined Role too. He is Mr.Death of Role.

In February of 1996, Role started the diskmag 'Channel 1'.

In April 1996, Drakkanor of Role changed his handle into the Chronic.

In the beginning of May 1996, Nancy joined Role. She is the first female member of Role and she is the girlfriend of Commander.

At the end of May 1996, Simple rejoined Role as a coder and swapper.

In June 1996, Smokey left Role and at the end of June Soreball of Arcoss joined Role. He's a coder. Marcello of TDR/Virus left both groups and changed his handle into Lowlife. He joined Role as a swapper and designer. Also Carnage of U-turn joined Role, he's a cracker and swapper. Then Role made a demo called Dreamland.

Late August of 1996, Role kicked out Angeldust.

In the beginning of September H-Bloxx of Acrise+Excess joined the Amiga section of Role as a swapper. In the same time 2ge left the Amiga-section of Role.

In the middle of September, Dynatonic (a Belgian graphician) and Bugjam (a German swapper and graphician) joined Role.

September 25th 1996 : CMR/Role is talking and planning about a copy-party with Acrise+Excess. red Rock/Acrise+Excess will talk with the other members in Acrise+Excess.

On September 26th 1996, Prometheus (a Polish coder and designer) joined Role. and on September 27th 1996, CMR and Nancy of Role married.

In the beginning of October 1996, Unlock of Albion (who was asked to join Role, but refused) became the official spreader of Role-Wares, without joining Role. he's a swapper from Switzerland. Also Role brought out again 2 first releases (cracks), it has been a long time ago that Role had a first release! Matt Shaw, a Dutch swapper, and Lynch (ex-U-turn), a Dutch graphician and swapper, joined Role.

On October 25th 1996, WOW and Role will crack together in a cracking co-op, which was called 'WOW+Role'. Remember, this is only a cracking co-op, demo's and other products from Role will be released under the Role-label! The same counts for WOW, every product made by a WOW-member, except cracks of course, will be released under the WOW-label.

In November 1996, an English coder called 'Frankie' joined Role. this is thanks to Simple who found him on internet.

In December 1996, Simple of Role found another member on internet. This guy comes from the U.S.A. and he is an NTSC-fixer. This American guy has the handle 'Ringleader'. In the mean time Role scratched Surfer out of the memberslist because of no contact between Role HQ and the guy.

It's December 18th, Dojo of Role changed his handle (codename) into Avenger. In the mean time, Matt Shaw left Role because he thought (saying by his brother Crusher) that he didn't belong in Role. We call this a very bad excuse. The time will learn us why he didn't tell the real reason!

On the 26th of December 1996, some Role-members went to The Party VI in Denmark where the 21st issue of the diskmag Rock'n Role was spread over 200 times. Of course a Role-service again. On The Party I (CMR) and Spinball of Excess (Acrise and Excess co-op has been split for about a month) talked again about a copy-party in Emsdetten (Germany) with our groups (Role and Excess).

In the beginning of 1997, Nancy of Role changed her handle into Icegirl. A guy from Spain joined Role as second group. his handle is Almighty god and he is a graphician and a swapper. 2 Polish guys, Leo and Nostradamus, joined Role as third group. Both guys are swappers, but Leo is also a graphician.

On February 13th I (CMR/Role) got a letter back from Swayze/Golden Trio/Role and he wrote that all Golden Trio- members joined Role (on 64 and Amiga). Golden Trio is gone now and Role got these fantastic new Polish members : Piciu, Zak, Dee Jay, Ms.Secret, Zuber and Race. Role has now 12 members in Poland. in the same time Role released a sample-collection with samples from Swayze/Role and graphics from VIP/Role and Bugjam/psychik/Role. the coding was done by Simple/Role.

On February 14th, I (CMR) phoned to Freeze/Dark Crystal and we decided to be sure of planning a party with our both groups (Role and Dark Crystal) in Holland.

In the beginning of March, G/Role started swapping on the Commodore 64 again.

March 15th 1997 : Avenger of Role phoned me (CMR/Role) with the message that he left the scene and so he also left Role. Again a pity for the Belgian scene. A few days later Avenger phoned me again and asked me if he could join Role again because he couldn't live without the 64-scene. I agreed and so Avenger is back a member of Role.

On March 16th 1997, I decided to accept the conditions of H-Bloxx/Excess' note which he send me last week before this date. So now H-Bloxx/Excess is also a member of Role.

One week before April 1997, Ochrana, a Dutch swapper, joined Role, and on April 3rd 1997, I decided to accept the joining of a German swapper and graphician called Teddy de Bar.

Story written by: Serge Engelen a.k.a. Commander of Role on the 22nd of April 1997

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