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Group (ex groups) from present to past
Adolf/Mini Man/Toad Censor Design ( Victims, Censor Design, Salezar, Motion, Science 451, Paramount, Galaxy, Share, Magic Science)
Agemixer Scallop (Atlantis, Astral)
Alien Warriors of the Wastelands (Lore of Arts, Black Code Design, Chalice)
Albert PU- 239
Alta/Pohlman Rebels (Heptagon)
Andreas/AWA/Rooster Shape (Dytec, The Second Ring, Warriors of the Wastelands, The Second Ring, Maitec)
Bob Censor Design (Triad, Light, Agile, The Yankees)
Clarence Graffity (Chorus, Cadgers)
Cycleburner/No Ordinary Programmer Megastyle Prod. (Contex, Weird Science, The Black Knights)
Destino Origo (Albion/Byterapers Inc., Albion/Lazer, Albion, Division, Division of Power)
Duce Extend (Amiga: BlackLight Inc.)
Einstein/Deathray Warriors of the Wastelands (2nd groups: Death, Astral, Cult, Genetix. 1st groups: Unicess, WOW, Atrix, Act 501, Force Five Team, Silicon Dreams)
Eivind/Mix Master Shape (Full Force)
El Banditos (Elban) SCS * TRC (Unreal, Fatum, Ascraeus, Bronx, Tubular Jobs)
FCS Finnish Gold (Jezebels Union)
Freak/Fat Hamster The Harlow Cracking Service
Glerc Science 451 (The Warlocks, The Crew, Competent Commodore Cracking Pirates)
Hein Design/HPH (Amiga: Spaceballs, C64: Focus, Boys Without Brains, Blackmail, Density, Vision, Orion, Hyper Scientific Power)
Jack Daniels F4CG (Avantgarde, Dominators, Genesis*Project, Paramount, Actual Trading Generation, Orion, Cocaine)
Jane Asphyxia (Deuter)
Jason Antic (Zyrox, Druid, Magic Dreams)
Jerry Triad (P&P Studios)
Joe Forster/STA Independent (author of the Star Commander)
King Fisher Triad (Rebels, Royalty, Mute 101, Byterapers)
Mark-Jano Knopp Independent (maintainer of the Sceners' Addy List)
Marko Mäkelä Independent (maintainer of Hall of Fame Finland)
The Meatball Triad (Ambient, Digital Designs, Axend, Tommyknockers)
Mike Sunrise (Oregon, Duplex, Spherical Designs)
Mr.Spock (Spockie) T'Pau
Newscopy F4CG (Genesis*Project, Vision, JoyDivision, Exact, The Silents, Cheese)
Predator Paradize (Shape, Moz(Ic)Art, The Suppliers, Whiz Kids)
QED Triangle (Pulsar, Thanatos, Gigabyte Cracking Crew)
Pegasus Renegade Programming Group
PRI/Panorama Inc. Oxyron (Depredators, Duplex, Touch)
Sage Beyond Force (The Jezebels Union, Zodux)
Spook Powerzone (M and M)
Thor Extend (Gigolo & Thor Cracking Service)
ThunderBlade Fairlight (Exxos, Airwolf-Team, United Software Kings)
T.M.R./T.C.M./Shamus/Bada Cosine Systems
Trireme/Uzzy Entropy (Logik)
TSN The Supply Team (Black Tulip, The Light Circle)
Unifier/Beastian (Spirit, Flash Inc., Censor Design, Weird Science 2662, Zone 45, Shine, Eltronic, Hostages, Sector90, ShadowFire Association, The Paranormal Federation, 1096 Crackware)
Woise Maniax (Twilight, Lakers)
Zyron F4CG, Oxsid Planetary, Nostalgia (Antic, Swemix, Rememberers, Deceit, Wiz, Quari, Swedish Computer Gang)

Groups Stories Photos Interviews Articles Parties

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